Holidays in Switzerland in December: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in Switzerland in December

Holidays in Switzerland in December

Holidays in Switzerland in December

You want to visit the ski resortSwitzerland? In this case, December is ideal for the long-awaited ski holiday. The average temperature in December at the resorts of the Alps is a classic-comfortable winter. Day set -6-1C, but the night before the colder -7-12C.

The Swiss cities and resorts on the lake can beenjoy the warmer weather compared to the ski areas. Day temperature is + 4C, but at night there are frosts to -3-5C. In connection with this, sweaters and windproof jackets - are required. In addition, moist wind at zero temperature is able to penetrate to the bone!

Holidays and festivals in Switzerland in December

In December, many happy holidays Switzerland. Tourists will be interested to attend the celebrations, taking place on December 6, because it is on that date have to St Nicholas Day, which marks the beginning of preparations for the Christmas and New Year, involving the exchange of sweet gifts. On the night of 5 to 6 December in Switzerland held a solemn procession. Just imagine: the trolley and whips, large candlesticks in the Gothic style, the men in white and black robes, symbolizing the positive and the dark side of life ... Besides holidays accompanies many wonderful jingle bells! You should see this wonderful fairy tale in reality!

Eskalyad Festival is a historicalfestival, which is held annually in Geneva for three days, namely from Friday to Sunday. The holiday falls on the weekend after 11 December. Eskalyad festival is dedicated to the victory of Geneva over the army of the Duke of Savoy and the production of the city's independence. Eskalyad is a costumed medieval action, which is attended by all the locals. Within three days at the Geneva people walk in period costume with drums and flutes. Warriors arrange shooting, using cannons and muskets. Culmination - costumed horse parade, which is attended by the guards, dressed in medieval costumes and carrying torches. Then, on the historic square piper and drummer sing a song under the cheerful music. In conclusion, it organized a large fire.

Christmas Market in Switzerland

Planning to spend your holiday in Switzerland in December, you should visit the local fairs.

  • Christmas Fair is held in Zurich,It is the largest indoor fair in Europe. Under the roof of the railway station are located 160 stalls with souvenirs, delicacies, sweets. In the main square is set Christmas tree ornaments for which Swarovski crystals are used. Tourists admire the bright fireworks, unusual light show, Christmas circus.
  • On a visit to the Christmas Markets in BaselWe need to take half a day, and even better - the whole day. Just imagine: 180 trading tents, which sell handicrafts, Christmas baking. Children offer a ride on a small train under the supervision of special educators or enjoy active games in a warm room. Christmas Fair in Basel - it is the best event for the whole family!
  • In Bern, the Swiss capital, taken holdjust two Christmas bazaar. Each house kiosk is decorated in a unique style, allowing you to enjoy the unusual atmosphere. Bazaar at Munsterplatz specializes in the sale of glass products, glass blowers skills will delight you for real!

Switzerland - the country is the best for the New Year and Christmas holidays!

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  • Holidays in Switzerland in December
  • Holidays in Switzerland in December

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