Holidays in Switzerland in February: prices and weather. Where to rest in Switzerland in February

Holidays in Switzerland in February

Holidays in Switzerland in February

Holidays in Switzerland in February and good flavor. Last winter month will give travelers the opportunity to meet in a stunning romantic atmosphere of Valentine's Day. It is for this here are sent in this period, many couples. After all, the Swiss decided to celebrate the feast of a variety of the most lovely and sentimental trifles, which they are happy to share with visitors.

Swiss weather in February

The weather can surprise his capriciousness andinconstancy. Sometimes a cold can be completely not European. Blizzards, frequent snowfall, severe and quite strong winds, low gray clouds, sky protracted, dank can leave a bad impression. However, most of these "whims" are characteristic of the territory of Switzerland, where are the lakes.

As for ski resorts in Februarythey can please the tourists the perfect snow, which covers the surface of the mountains. Moreover, it seems that spring is here never even occurs. During the day there the temperature rarely drops below -3. However, so-called "high" temperature mode resorts oscillates at -5 to -10 degrees. Nights in February is pretty cool. Even when the air temperature during the day was zero, after the sun gets very cold. Temperatures can reach -10 degrees. That is why vacation in Switzerland in this period involves the use of additional warm clothes. Never forget the wool socks and underwear.

Speaking about the Swiss valleys, we can notequite comfortable temperature. Day herein, typically about 5 degrees. We should not forget about the dank winds that literally dominate here. So particularly rely not exactly be at zero temperature. Do not ignore the rain, which is quite frequent. Rain and snow are quite normal. That is why the umbrella with a precise worth taking.

What to visit in Switzerland

If you go to Switzerland in February for the purpose of sightseeing, you should certainly visit in Bern, Lucerne, Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne.

The February holiday in Switzerland can be truly rich and multi-faceted.

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  • Holidays in Switzerland in February
  • Holidays in Switzerland in February

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