Holidays in Switzerland in July: prices and weather. Where to rest in Switzerland in July

Holidays in Switzerland in July

Holidays in Switzerland in July

Summer in Europe - the height of the tourist season: warm, relatively dry, long days, lots of monuments of history and a kaleidoscope of informative and entertaining events. Switzerland renounces its perpetual neutrality and widely opens the doors for the tourist-gate.

Holidays in Switzerland in July, in spite of the possiblevagaries of the weather will be pleasant in all respects. The picturesque lake, the beautiful scenery of the coastal areas, medicinal springs and shopping (which for many women has the same effect) - all in abundance in the small European country. And the kindness and hospitality of the locals.

Weather July

Since Switzerland - small but rockcountry, temperature varies. Geneva and Zurich will please quite nice summer temperatures +24 ºC. Such indicators are marked on the thermometer, of course, during the day, with the arrival of night-time becomes much cooler to +14 ºC.

This country is, unfortunately, does not have access to the seas and oceans, but is proud of its lakes, the temperature is warming up in the July Days to +24 ºC.

For tourists

The Swiss are very proud of the naturalsights of the country, developed a variety of walking trails for all types of travelers. Lovers of mountain landscapes to conquer the highest peaks or just enjoy the beauty of nature.

Some choose not to hiking and horseback riding trails,It has the opportunity to try out the new, or rather very old form of transport (horse riding) and see during the journey a lot more. In addition, the vacation involves swimming and sunbathing reception, familiarity with local sights and traditional Swiss cuisine.

Theatre and opera

Tourists who yearn to combine outdoor recreation witha visit to any large-scale cultural project, we're lucky. Near Interlaken in Riigen forest every July celebration is held in honor of the famous Friedrich Schiller. Actors professionals and members of amateur groups surprised many spectators theatrical productions. The final presentation will involve a magical act nearly 200 actors, and the company they amount to no less talented animals.

In Avenches around the same time it held the Operafestival. The difference from other music festival events becomes something that all productions are held on the stage of the amphitheater, which saw more masters of vocal art of ancient Rome.

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  • Holidays in Switzerland in July
  • Holidays in Switzerland in July

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