Holidays in Switzerland in June: prices and weather. Where to rest in Switzerland in June

Holidays in Switzerland in June

Holidays in Switzerland in June

This small European country for a long timeranked among the most calm and stable, the adjective "Swiss" has long been a symbol of quality, no matter how close to the noun it stands. These brands of the country - the chocolate, watches. Tourist, choose a vacation in Switzerland in June, will be able to enjoy the majestic mountain landscapes and unparalleled architecture of the old city quarters, the level and quality of service.

Weather in Switzerland in June

The first month of summer in different regions of the countryIt manifests itself in different ways. The Alps may experience night frosts, river valleys, from time to time and are filled with cool winds, forcing tourists to wear warm clothes.

The temperature in the mountains close +15 ° C, lakes much higher, about +23 ° C. It's nice that the water temperature is not far behind, at +18 ° C is already possible to take refreshing water treatments.

Rhine Falls

One of the points on the June tripSwitzerland can be a visit to the Rhine Falls. Scientists estimate that it holds the record in terms of the volume of water flow overthrown among European counterparts. The width of the Rhine Falls, about 150 meters long and more than 20, the beauty can not be measured by any parameters or epithets.

There are several ways to explore thisan amazing natural phenomenon. For example, viewing platforms, which are on the south and north banks of the Rhine. But the most amazing sensations experienced by tourists who swim up to the waterfall on the boat.

After visiting the waterfall, you can continuetrip on the Rhine, reaching the town of Rena. During the cruise guides introduce visitors to the history of the main attractions of the country, will tell a lot of local legends.

Pie in the sky

The name of the castle Gruyere occurred precisely on thisbeautiful and proud bird, which now adorns the coat of arms of the castle owners, and the emblem of the city too. Five centuries the castle served as intergenerational family Gruyere, then after the bankruptcy of the last representative of this family many times changed owners until it was bought Canton of Fribourg. It is clear that the time could not fail to leave their traces in the architecture of the castle complex is clearly there are different styles and elements, up to the baroque.

An interesting point that in the castle Gruyere still produce cheese of the same name. And the cheese making process lasts only three months from July to September.

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  • Holidays in Switzerland in June
  • Holidays in Switzerland in June

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