Holidays in Switzerland in November: prices and weather. Where to rest in Switzerland in November

Holidays in Switzerland in November

Holidays in Switzerland in November

Switzerland - the country, most of whichoccupied by the Alps. They are an insurmountable barrier for cold air masses seeking from north to south, and warm, seeking in the opposite direction. Therefore, in the south warm and cold in the mountains reigns. And feel the sharp temperature change is possible in just a few hours train ride. In the highlands is quite winter. Temperature -8S. But skiers are not afraid of frosty weather. After all, during the descent of the hillside under the dazzling sun becomes less hot than the summer on the beaches of Barcelona or Hurghada.

In the cities the same does not feel the proximity of winter. The air warms up to + 10 °. The mild temperate climate makes it possible to take long walks through the ancient streets of the cities.

Why go to Switzerland in November

  • In the last month of autumn tours costSwitzerland begins to grow rapidly. After all, in front of winter with the Christmas holidays. And the purpose of the trip for many tourists - it's skiing. But cities are not so many, so prices for accommodation in hotels are quite democratic.
  • lovers walking into the city Switzerlandand explore the museums, theaters and attractions. Switzerland Museums are really unique, for example, antiques museum in Bern. There you can visit the Botanical Garden. In Zurich there are plenty of museums, which will be interesting for children: Dinosaur Museum, toys, trams and even the Museum of hares and rabbits.
  • Holidays in Switzerland in November allows to make excursions to the ancient castles, many of which remained in the territory of this wonderful country.
  • ethnic tourism fans will not passthe Swiss village, located at the foot of the Alps. From a distance they look like gingerbread houses Christmas. A alpine meadows are downright idyllic picture. The shutter will snap continuously.
  • In the city of Weggis in the first decade of the month held a variety of activities within the framework of the festival shepherds. These days you can listen to throat singing, visit the exhibition of unusual breeds of dogs.
  • On the shores of Lake Zurich Festival is held in Novemberwines. On the water drained several ships, which conjure winemakers. Each of them is trying to make a very big wine show. Everybody can not just ride on the lake, but also taste wines of different varieties.

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  • Holidays in Switzerland in November
  • Holidays in Switzerland in November

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