Holidays in Switzerland in October: prices and weather. Where to rest in Switzerland in October

Holidays in Switzerland in October

Holidays in Switzerland in October

Beauty, Autumn, dressed all in gold, notleisurely walks on the Swiss valleys and alpine meadows, inviting tourists to support her in this amazing, gentle journey. In the valleys and on the plateaus fall even a full-fledged mistress, but in the mountains to visit more often looks winter, lowering the temperature of the air and land prisypaya snow to the delight of skiers.

Holidays in Switzerland in October for people who seek peace and quiet, unhurried pace of life and ready to take any time of year as a grace bestowed heaven.

Weather in October

Autumn in Switzerland is in the prime of life, and it feels every guest. In the mountainous areas of the country the temperature column in the daytime shows than +5 ºC to +10 ºC, at night goes to 0 ºC.

Swiss lake and the nature around them freeze inwaiting for the cold weather. The water temperature is sufficiently high +15 ºC, however, brave men and lovers of cool baths to be seen. The few tourists prefer to spend time strolling along the picturesque lakes or in spas. The temperature of about +14 ºC, in the evening decreasing to +4 ... + 6 ºC. Warm clothes in the luggage of tourists will not be superfluous.

Season fairs

In October, it's time to consider in Switzerlandchickens and conduct harvest festivals. Therefore, a tourist who has chosen this country for recreation, has the opportunity to participate, for example, in the Autumn Fair, which takes effect in Basel. A variety of fruits and vegetables, tasting traditional dishes and a glass of Swiss wine, song and dance - all over a place at the festival of labor and harvest.

Walk on Chapel

Such a beautiful and strange name hasancient bridge, which is the main attraction of the city of Lucerne. Construction of the bridge referred to in 1365, he was champion in age, in addition, made of wood and is covered. Walk on the bridge at any time of the year, which is used by local citizens and numerous tourists.

Inside, under the roof ridge, you can see 111paintings, which are displayed on the most important events in Swiss history. A simple walk across the bridge turns into an amazing journey through the centuries and the city.

Skiers at the start!

In the Swiss Alps at this time of year oftensnowing, and the further into the mountains, so it is thicker and thicker snow cover. Hotel is located on the glaciers, are already taking the first swallow, winter sports enthusiasts. Resorts are located just below, is waiting for its tourist.

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  • Holidays in Switzerland in October
  • Holidays in Switzerland in October

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