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Tours in Zanzibar

Tours in Zanzibar

If any other music you prefercreativity "Queen" group, and the voice of the incomparable Freddie makes tremble each string of your soul, the first place in the category places of searching for your ideal holiday should take tours to Zanzibar. Mercury was born Farrukh Bulsara named, was born in Stone Town of Zanzibar sultanate.

History and geography

This archipelago off the coast of Africa geographically part of the government of Tanzania. The islands are bathed in the Indian Ocean north of Madagascar, and the largest of them bears the name of Zanzibar.
First appeared on the islands of Shiraz Persian,and who brought Islam to local Aborigines. In the Middle Ages have made trips to Zanzibar slave - on the islands there was a brisk trade in African slaves. No less demand ivory and spices.
Today Zanzibar - a resort worldlevel, the most important advantages are clean sea, well protected environment, the abundance of marine fauna and historical heritage, part of which is listed by UNESCO.

Briefly about the importance

  • Direct flights from Russia to Zanzibar No flights to the capital of Tanzania, and further transfers to the island by light aircraft - the easiest way to get to the resort.
  • The best season for booking tours forZanzibar - the summer and early autumn. In the spring and in September and October are much rain falls, that the very warm weather is not too pleasant for the traveler. Temperature indicators are water and air, and do not differ from each other, and the time of year and ranged from +27 to +32 degrees.
  • Tours in Zanzibar prefer not only lazyfans of a beach holiday, but also divers. The local Pange Reef is able to win the heart of even the one who was diving in Belize or the coast of Australia. Learn how you can dive in the diving center in Stone Town. By the way, on this city tour will help to diversify holiday.

The stone bag

The old historic part of the city Zanzibarthe middle of the XIX century was the capital of Oman Empire. The main subject of trade, which flourished in these parts, were spices. Carnation grown on the island, was delivered to all parts of the world, and today the participants of the tour in Zanzibar can visit the local market to buy a fragrant spice.
Stone Town of Zanzibar is under UNESCO protection, and its architecture is a mixture of all sorts of styles - from the Arabic and Indian to European and afrikanskogo.U + 20BD


  • Tours in Zanzibar
  • Tours in Zanzibar

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