Attractions in Bangkok: photo, entertainment. Amusement Parks in Bangkok

Attractions in Bangkok

Attractions in Bangkok

Bangkok - Thailand's capital and at the same time mostlargest city in the country. Despite the fact that life is literally bubbling and nocturnal activity is much higher than the day, tourists from Europe and America too often favor this city. Awful transport system and countless hordes of immigrants from all over Asia deter travelers, so they are moving quickly to other resorts in Thailand, without stopping in the capital. And it is in vain, because the attractions in Bangkok is even deserve to pay attention to them.

Park Dream World

The number one in the list. This park covers an area of ​​28 hectares, and its territory are located: decorative gardens; site-kart; attractions for children and adults; fabulous mini-towns; cafés with his usual foreign food; souvenir shops. An important advantage is that the amusement park is not located in the city, and a couple of kilometers away. So here is heard the noise of the metropolis, the air is much cleaner, and the trip takes only a few minutes and costs very cheap.

On weekdays, the park is open from 10.00 to 17.00, and on weekends until 19:00. Ticket price 450 baht, and children up to 90 cm tall free entrance at all. He also has his own Internet resource, which at the moment, unfortunately, is not available due to the protracted move to a different domain.

Ice Park Harbin Ice Wonderland

It refers to the number of the most famousBangkok's attractions. The air temperature inside the park is maintained at 15 degrees, so that no lease gloves, down jackets and winter boots are indispensable.

Harbin Ice Wonderland is divided into two zones. The first contains the most interesting things, such as rooms with ice sculptures, slides toboggan, playgrounds for rafting and other attractions. The second is made exclusively for recreation. There you can get a snack or a drink. Works on schedule 10.30-21.30, the ticket price - $ 17, has a site

Canal Tours

Brand entertainment Bangkok. Experienced guides will arrange tourist excursions to fascinating intricacies of urban channels. The strength of the walks through the channels - it is an opportunity to see how the poor live class, which constitutes the basis of the population. This picture is significantly different from the surface gloss, and gives an idea and what really lives the country.

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  • Attractions in Bangkok
  • Attractions in Bangkok
  • Attractions in Bangkok

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