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Trips to Bangkok

Trips to Bangkok

Many choose to spend your holidays and Thailandmore and more not because of the mild climate and beach holidays. Tourists are attracted by the rich culture of this amazing Buddhist country. Even those who came here to sunbathe and swim, sooner or later be included in the tour in Bangkok. After all, the capital of Bangkok - it's a wonderful place for viewing attractions.

Bangkok Attractions

The most important attraction in BangkokIt is an ensemble of the Royal Palace. But it is not only the palace in the usual presentation of this vast territory occupied by churches, monasteries and other interesting sights. For example, the giant ceremonial swing Lak Muang, which consist of two huge teak pillars, connected by a carved crossbar. According to legend, if the swing on this swing, this will change a person's life for the better. However skating banned which is very traumatic occupation. This happened in the 1930s.

In addition to the grand temple buildings, whichextremely beautiful at night, when illuminated with dozens of spotlights, in Bangkok there are a museum, an art gallery, a planetarium and a cultural center. Can not do without the capital of the National Theatre. A visitor to become the National Museum of Thai art - is in many ways to enrich their horizons.

Sightseeing tours in Bangkok can take a whole day, or even more. So you should bring a list of attractions that can be the most interesting:

  • Royal Palace.
  • Temple of the Emerald Buddha.
  • Wat Arun.
  • National Museum Bangkok.
  • Wat Ratchannada.
  • Marble Temple in Bangkok.
  • Wat Saket on the Golden Mount.
  • National Museum of the Royal Barges.
  • Temple of the Golden Buddha.
  • Rattanakosin.
  • The complex is Wat Pho.
  • Aquarium "Siam Ocean World".

National Museum of Royal Barges -one of a kind. It is close to Khlong Bangkok Noi canal, close to the bridge Phra Pin Klao. In his exposition is some extremely elegant royal barges, something reminiscent of the famous gondolas of Venice. These barges are usually decorated with gold were used in ceremonies. But the most amazing thing is that they have found a use and as warships. Among them is the most beautiful barge, which bears the name «Suphanahong». She had never participated in the battles, and only used for the Royal river procession, when the ceremony was held Kathin. This is a Buddhist rite of offering gifts to the monks, which traditionally takes place in October and November.

Attractions, markets and temples of Bangkok

Photo excursions in Bangkok

  • Trips to Bangkok
  • Trips to Bangkok
  • Trips to Bangkok

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