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Tours in Bangkok

Tours in Bangkok

The name of this town in the famous bookGuinness World Records as the longest in the world, but most Thais can say it without hesitation, because they love their capital and consider it the most beautiful. Tours in Bangkok is not as popular as trips to the beach holiday and Pattaya or Phuket. However, once in the Thai capital for business or sightseeing, guests it does not cease to marvel at the amazing contrasts of one of the great cities on the planet.

The place where olives grow

That's translated from Thai Shortversion of the name of Bangkok. Once upon a time in a small port in the territory of the modern capital of moored ships, and in the groves surrounding the ancient Buddhist temples, growing olives.
Tours to Bangkok are possible at any time of the year, butconsidered to be the most favorable winter and early spring. At this time, rainfall is minimal, that at constant heat tridtsatigradusnuyu greatly simplifies the existence of unusual to the Humid Tropics Europeans.

Briefly about the importance

  • Taxis in Bangkok are not too expensive, but the cityliterally packed with traffic jams. In rush hour better than a ride on the metro of Bangkok. Do not use the services of rickshaws - they almost do not observe traffic rules and are at high risk of their passengers. If we add to this their terrible English, can be not there, where planning to get there, sitting up in the cart.
  • Shopping centers Thai capital - one of the reasonsbuy a tour to Bangkok. Given that many products are sewn, assembled and manufactured hundreds of other ways it is in Southeast Asia, prices are minimal, the range is huge, but the quality is quite decent.
  • Buying food from street vendors in the capitalThailand - an indispensable part of the tour in Bangkok. Do not be afraid of infection, if you order hot food - fried noodles, for example. It is surprisingly tasty, cheap and impossible to leave the traveler in a state of near nirvana. The main rule - to deal with a disinfectant wipes for hands and choose the chef carefully. But sliced ​​fruits and fresh juices should buy with caution, or at least refuse to add to their ice.
  • Choosing the type of urban transport, it is worth payingfocus on river trams, plying on the Chao Phraya River. The price of travel on this boat - a purely symbolic, get on it can be almost anywhere in the city, and the flickering images on the banks of the river completely replace tour touring in Bangkok.

Attractions, markets and temples of Bangkok


  • Tours in Bangkok
  • Tours in Bangkok

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