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Tours to Phuket

Tours to Phuket

Island beaches with sand and endlessly singingbeautiful sea, Phuket has long been a favorite place for winter holiday tourists from all over the world. There is never cold, and endless hospitality of the local people adds warmth and comfort of the participants in the Phuket tours.

History and geography

Phuket Island in the Andaman Sea drifts inwestern Thai coast. Three bridges connect it to the mainland, and in the list of the largest on the island of Phuket Square as part of the Kingdom in the lead. Once there were mines for tin mining and rubber trees plantation, from the juice which makes rubber. Island located along the following merchant ships from India to China and its economic well-being achieved thanks to the favorable geographical status and the hardworking locals.

Briefly about the importance

  • The monsoon tropical climate provides hereTwo distinct seasons. The best time for tours to Phuket - from November to mid-spring, when rainfall is minimal, and the average temperature hovers around 30 degrees. However, during the rainy season thermometers figures are not much different, but because of the high humidity is not too comfortable with the elderly and young children.
  • In the summer months bathers on the beaches of the islandcan watch for danger in the form of strong undercurrents. During the tours to Phuket is important to pay attention to the warnings in the form of a red flag on the beach and not to risk their own lives and comfort of others.
  • The island is open more than 600 hotels in the most differentprice categories. Fans rest in a particularly comfortable hotels have to book tours to Phuket in advance, as hotels with 4 and 5 stars here are sorely lacking.
  • Besides sunbathing and relaxation PhuketIt offers its guests the opportunity to arrange an inexpensive shopping, visit historic sites and play golf on different fields. Divers will appreciate the familiarity with the bright world of the Andaman Sea.

Born in water

According to scientists, Phuket once lay underwater column and was part of the Indian Ocean sea floor. Evidence of this can be found in an interesting exposition of the Museum of sea shells on the island. His collection includes nearly 2,000 items, including molluscs and shells found in the sea off the coast of Phuket, and fossils with traces of ancient representatives of the underwater kingdom. The gift shop at the museum draw up the documents for the official out of the country acquired shells and mother of pearl items.

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  • Tours to Phuket
  • Tours to Phuket

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