Areas of Pattaya - the name, description, photos Pattaya areas where tourists stay

Areas of Pattaya

Areas of Pattaya

Areas of Pattaya are divided into several parts. It is worth noting that the boundaries between these areas are blurred and tourist maps are not usually seen attempts to identify these boundaries.

The names and a description of the Pattaya area

  • Naklua: a main bus station, Northpoint complex, expensive condominiums, large market Seafood, Temple of Truth, a small dolphinarium (presentation held every day at 11:30 and 15:30), Jo Jo Horse Club (guests can enjoy horseback riding), Inter Snooker Club (place snooker - it resembles billiards), Siam Sailing (immediately offered to go on a yacht ride - it is the perfect backdrop for a photo session), fairly clean beaches suitable for quiet relaxation holiday.
  • Central Pattaya: the crowded and bustling district of attractions offers massage parlors, shops, in particular, the shopping center "Central Festival", markets (there are night) and other entertainment venues. The advantage lies in the area of ​​transport accessibility - here from other areas can be reached within 10 baht (tourists staying in Central Pattaya can get to other areas at a minimum cost of time and money).
  • South Pattaya: kartodromy area is interesting, hypermarket BigC, Bali Hai Pier (from here on the ferry, you can reach the island of Koh Lan), Street Walking Street (between 18:00 and she begins to dapple neon signs and invited guests in the beer and go-go bars, pool, on the major discos and a variety of exotic shows).
  • Jomtien Area: famous high-rise reflaction, night market, beach (you will find a Thai massage, a game of paintball, a gentle entry into the water, sunbathing, bungee jumping).
  • Pratamnak: famous residence of the Princess of Thailand, Buddhist temple, the hotel Pattaya Park with water park (there are giant slides, a large circular pool, children's area, jacuzzi, sauna, diving center, fitness center, jogging tracks), the park, which is planted with exotic plants and trees. And you can stand on a platform next to the huge letters PATTAYA (evening they glow brightly on the hill).

Where to stay tourists

Are you interested in a relaxing and family holiday? You make sense to find accommodation facility in Jomtien. But even here there are some nuances, since conventionally it is divided into "active" (has a lot of entertainment venues, including New Rompho Bar Complex; here regularly held events such as tournaments in beach volleyball and windsurfing) and "calm" (the area occupied by swimming pools, bungalows, tropical parks) part.

Night owls who preferawake at night than during the day, it is recommended to stay in the area of ​​Central Pattaya - there is always lively and late roaring music; and sex-tourists can look for housing within walking distance of Walking Street.

Well, beach lovers can stay in Naklua areas, Jomtien and Pratamnak.

Photos Pattaya area

  • Areas of Pattaya
  • Areas of Pattaya
  • Areas of Pattaya

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