The best restaurants in Pattaya - photos, prices

The best restaurants in Pattaya

The best restaurants in Pattaya

Pattaya - a wonderful resort town in Thailand. It is necessary to go for a good rest and exotic. Comfortable beaches, unique islands, entertainment and nightlife - all at the disposal of guests. Not far behind and the local cuisine, the best restaurants in Pattaya will be pleased with the variety of both national and any other cuisine in the world.

Local and exotic food

To visit Thailand and not try friedgrasshoppers or crocodile meat, to put it mildly, incorrect. You can try all this in «Caramel» restaurant near Bali Hai Pier. Those who do not want to find out what the taste bugs are recommended to enjoy seafood. Thus, the 5 best restaurants Thai cuisine: «Lobster Pot»; «Mumaroi»; «Cafe De Beach»; «Poo Pen»; «Suttangrak».

pizza lovers

Yes, Pattaya has an Italian restaurant, becausethey are unusual for Thais themselves. One of the most visited places - beer restaurant «Hopf». It has its own brewery, so this foamy drink will surely be fresh and tasty. Pizza cooked in a wood oven, and entertains visitors with live music. Equally popular «Trattoria Toscana» and «Pan Pan» with its wonderful Neapolitan pizza.

Europe and Russia

For European culinary delights shouldgo to «Sizzler». This reasonably priced restaurant with a good menu, running here and salad bar, where a certain amount you can eat all you want. More than fine cuisine, it is «Bruno Restaurant & Bar», «Mata Hari» and «Manhattans».

In Thailand, almost did not make the difference between a Russian,Caucasian and Uzbek cuisine. Such an interesting mix of dishes on the menu can be found in "Uzbekistan Lazatti". Delicious barbecue fed in "Armenia" is a network of kebab in Pattaya. There are Russian menu and "Eurasia" restaurant.


The four most famous Japanese food networkThailand is «Fuji», «Shabu Shi», «Zen» and «Yayoi». They are located in almost all shopping centers and main streets of the city, which is very convenient for tourists. Interestingly, in the «Shabu Shi» visitors can not only eat cooked food, but also allowed to cook for themselves. For a small fee provide a saucepan, place the table and products. However, the stay is limited.


Thai desserts can be bought on the street or in aconfectionery, located in shopping malls. Most popular pastry - it «Secret Recipe». For the ice cream is worth a visit in the «Swensens» or «Dariy Queen». Try fabulous donuts offered in «Mister Donut» and «Dunkin Donuts».

All variety of local restaurants exactly like any tourist, and no one left hungry.


  • The best restaurants in Pattaya
  • The best restaurants in Pattaya
  • The best restaurants in Pattaya

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