Activities in Pattaya - photo. Summer vacation in Pattaya 2015

Activities in Pattaya

Activities in Pattaya

Activities in Pattaya - the tusovka Thai resort allows you to plunge into the world of exotic and fun: you are waiting for go-go-dancing, massage parlors, hot parties, beer.

The main types of holiday in Pattaya

  • Beach: All who are interested in the active life, can go to Pattaya Beach - then along the promenade stretching restaurants, hotels, shopping centers. Lovers of the same relaxing and families with children is to go to Jomtien Beach. On all the major beaches you can water ski, "banana", parasailing, windsurfing. If you are interested in swimming in the clean and clear sea, you should go to the coral islands - if you want you will be taken there by boat (commuter boats depart every half hour from the Central Embankment).
  • Sightseeing: as part of tours you can see the Temple of Truth iHolm Big Buddha, visit the crocodile farm, the park millionoletnih stones Reserve "Elephant Village" on the snake farm (arranged snake show, after which, if desired, for you can prepare a meal based on snake meat - it can be a soup or meat, grilled), park Mini Siam (here exhibited a small copy of the world's landmarks as the Pyramid of Cheops, Big Ben, Tower bridge, Bangkok temple complexes).
  • Pros: in Pattaya, you can go diving, kite surfing, underwater fishing, spend time on kartodrome "Speedway", the golf club "Siam Coutry Club", the equestrian club.
  • Night: Nightlife in Pattaya begins on WalkingStreet - here rumbles music, go-go- arranged and sex shows. If desired, you can visit the show of transvestites - Tiffany Show and Alcazar, which represent the musical performances (using visual and musical equipment of the highest quality) with the participation of professional transvestite actors.
  • Event: in March, you will be able to visit the International Music Festival, April - Wan Lai Festival and Carnival Pattaya, November - the festival of light Loy Krathong, October - in the race on the buffalo.


The level of prices for tours to Pattaya depends on the season. Despite the fact that the resort offers a variety of leisure facilities throughout the year, the best time to visit Pattaya - December-March.

In high season (November-March), and when the rainsdebilitating heat behind trips to Pattaya increased by 3-4 times compared to the low season (April-October). So if your plans include a more economical version of the holiday, it is advisable to take advantage of early booking system tour.

The most profitable tours can be bought in low season, especially for summer tours. If you want to save considerably, and you carry the stuffiness good, then this option is that you need.

On a note!

On vacation in Pattaya never drink alcohol in the company of strangers - often rob tourists, to mix them in alcohol potent drug.

Because of the tropical climate products can deteriorate very quickly, so it is advisable not to consume perishable and milk products, and the water is better to drink only bottled.

When buying in local stores things, be very careful - if at the airport when you will fake things they confiscated.

Photos vacation in Pattaya

  • Activities in Pattaya
  • Activities in Pattaya
  • Activities in Pattaya

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