Attractions in Pattaya: photo, entertainment. Pattaya Amusement Parks

Attractions in Pattaya

Attractions in Pattaya

Pattaya - the most active resort of Thailand. Contrary to the stereotype, it will be interesting not only to fans of strawberries, and all the other tourists, especially those who are attracted to outdoor activities. The beaches are not the most friendly and hospitable, but attractions in Pattaya may well even give odds to many European resorts. So a trip to the city in any case will not be boring.

Park Pattaya (Pattaya Park)

This amusement park belongs to the hotel PattayaPark Beach Resort. At present, it is considered a kind of a gimmick, because the tourist infrastructure is just beginning to develop rapidly and classic amusement parks there is not widespread. Here the traveler will find: cableway; Classic amusement park; mini water park; revolving restaurant.

Last generally considered proprietary "chip"it is this institution. The building of the hotel itself is an attraction. Its viewing platform is at a height of 240 meters, so be sure to come here - the best panoramas of the photo does not find in the whole of Pattaya.

Works Park from 9:00 to 18:00, and ticket costs 100 baht. Children growing up to 80 cm are free. Sun beds and other inventory can be used free of charge.

Adventure Park in Pattaya

It located not far from the center of Pattaya. Here you can ride on elephants and horses, to drive a quad bike or buggy, and if there is such a desire, more and shoot from different types of small arms. Despite all the exciting trips on elephants and the conquest of off-road, it was a shooting gallery is the most important part of this park. At the moment, he is considered one of the best in the world, and also the cheapest.

Flying Hanuman

This ride can recommend thisextreme. The essence of this attraction is very simple - the traveler sits on a special platform, located 50 meters above the ground, and then rushes over the jungle at a speed of 60 km / h.

There are several tour programs, from theShort and simple, involving only descend to lengthy. During the last tour begins with a trip by cable car and suspension bridge, then tourists are treated to local delicacies, after which it begins the most interesting.

Economy version will cost an average of about 1800-2000 baht, while a long and rich excursions pull 3,000 baht and up. However, the impression received is more than recoup the costs.

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  • Attractions in Pattaya
  • Attractions in Pattaya
  • Attractions in Pattaya

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