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Independent travel to Pattaya

Independent travel to Pattaya

Thai resort of Sochi is called the Russiantravelers. Although not too close distance, Pattaya is one of the most popular holiday destinations, and the Russians have long replaced them less interesting and comfortable sea domestic resorts.

When to go to Pattaya?

On the Thai resorts always summer. That is why Thailand - not only a country of smiles, but the edge of eternal summer. Pattaya - is no exception, because even in the most "cool" air is heated up to January 30, and the water up to 26 degrees. The rainy season begins in mid-spring and lasts until autumn. At this time in the resort of frequent heavy rains, which usually go at night. This reduces the flow of tourists and hotel rates, and therefore experienced travelers book their flights to Pattaya is the rainy season. Livni brings freshness and did not interfere with the daily beach holiday.

How to get to Pattaya?

Direct Flights to Pattaya from the Russian capitalcharter and therefore tickets are usually purchased by travel agencies. Independent travelers prefer to book tickets to Bangkok, where transplanted to the local airline or follow to Pattaya by bus or taxi. The journey time is less than 2.5 hours.


Pattaya hotels usually work without"All-inclusive" system popular. In this city, it makes no sense to sit bezvylazno hotel. The city is full of interesting places and adventures, and therefore come to the hotel only to sleep. Choose from a great variety of Pattaya hotels a means to weigh not only the price of the room and the proximity to the sea, but also to find out if the hotel air conditioning system and internet, parking for leased cars and breakfasts. All these options are included in the room rate, can be very useful for a comfortable stay.

Argue about taste

In Pattaya, a must-visit restaurantson the beach and serves fresh seafood cooked over an open fire. All fish and shellfish are the most recent, and therefore the taste of each dish spectacular. Waiters should warn about the degree of severity of prepared dishes. Caution should be taken to the presence of ice in glasses with drinks. In simple inexpensive restaurants, it can prepare their unfiltered water. Buying food from street vendors as possible, but be very careful. Cutting the fruit is not worth taking, but the skewers of chicken hearts or fried Thai noodles can try without fear.

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