Street Pattaya - photo, name. List of well-known streets in Pattaya

Street Pattaya

Street Pattaya

Beautiful Thailand and the best resorts for a long timeIt became almost home to thousands of Russian citizens. They are, for example, well-mastered Street Pattaya and its beaches, nightlife and the best show. Walking through the city, getting acquainted with historical sites and modern realities of surprises, pleases, remains in memory and is imprinted on the photo.

Heart Pattaya

It is such a beautiful definition honoredWalking Street, the main street of the fashionable resort of Thailand. It is not only geographically covers the city center, but plays a major role, and, as in the daytime, and night life.

For local residents - it is both love and hate,for guests from Russia - Thai Arbat and Tverskaya rolled into one, for Europeans - Rome where all roads lead. Who and what did not see here: trays and bars with exotic meats, dangerous reptiles charmers and magicians, fakirs, girls, offering entertainment in the style of the go-go, and transvestite show - one of the highlights of Pattaya. Movement around the clock, without a break for food and sleep.

Shopping in Thai

To do this, fit another famous streetPattaya - Beach Road. Besides the fact that it houses the most luxurious hotels and expensive restaurants, there are concentrated the best shopping places of the resort. Fashionable boutiques, offering the world's collection last season, cozy shops selling exotic (in the eyes of tourists) stuff, huge shopping malls, a trip which will take at least a day - all this can be found on Beach Road.

The most popular among tourists in Pattayaenjoy the Royal Garden Plaza, Central Festival. But the most vivid impressions remain after a visit Mike Shopping Mall, because its roof is placed a wonderful swimming pool. By the way, show programs on local drag queens and dancing girls can be found on this street.

World in Miniature

For more cultural activities that are appropriate andfor adults and for young tourists, can be found on Sukhumvit Road. For example, the famous park Mini Siam, where concentrated miniature copies of the most famous architectural masterpieces not only in Thailand but also all over the world. In just a short time, walking through this amazing park, you can see:

  • Bangkok's most famous temple complexes;
  • Thai royal palace;
  • French Eiffel Tower;
  • American Statue of Liberty;
  • St. Basil's Cathedral, home to Russian tourists.

Especially good it looks the park in the evening when the lights turn on specific, which turns a mini-city in a stunner.

Photos Pattaya streets

  • Street Pattaya
  • Street Pattaya
  • Street Pattaya

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