Features of Thailand - communication, kitchen, tradition

Properties in Thailand

Properties in Thailand

In this country travel for a varietyentertainment as a tourist with money here - the king and god. Here you can see incredibly beautiful festivals and enjoy all the delights of Thai massage, admire boxers enough nakupatsya and improve their health. The only thing that needs to be done before the trip is to learn all the national characteristics of Thailand that there were no surprises.


Thais are very polite people, and with a special interestare foreigners. Keep in mind that not taken rapidly in this country to express their emotions, especially negative. The traditional Thai greeting - it's clasped hands, which are applied to the forehead or to the breast. The higher the position of the source, and the higher hand. By the way, the tour is not particularly necessary, but if you want to make a good impression, you should learn from this greeting. You can speak about anything other than the royal family.


Local couples do not hold hands or kiss,this behavior is not accepted. Also, you can not touch the head or Thai to enter his home in the shoe. All Thais seriously look after their appearance, so to see the locals in torn or dirty clothing is almost impossible. Anxiously are here to any Buddha image, so it is best not to offend and not to show their contempt for him.


Thai cuisine is really worth a try,so it is unique and interesting. At one time, it was something similar to the Chinese, but now the similarity is limited to the fact that in both kitchens basis for almost all dishes - it is rice. Also in Thailand actively eat noodles. They can not do without seafood and Thai, they are a great many. A lot is put into dishes and various spices and herbs, prepared from these sauces and add chili.

The main national dishes of Thailand are:

  • Tom Yam Kung (soup with shrimp in coconut milk);
  • pad thai (noodles with nuts, tofu and eggs);
  • Kung Keo Van (Thai green curry).

Besides all this, the Thais just love fruits andeat them a huge amount of both fresh and adding a variety of sauces. From drinks are popular fruit juices and teas. Because alcohol is preferred local beer, but tourists will not be difficult to find in Thailand and stronger drinks. In general, Thai food spicy, spicy, sour and sweet, and sometimes even all these tastes wonderfully combined in one dish.


  • Properties in Thailand
  • Properties in Thailand
  • Properties in Thailand

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