Provinces of Thailand: pictures, map. Areas of Thailand

Provinces of Thailand

Provinces of Thailand

In the minds of many tourists, beautiful, distantThailand is a solid resort. The continental land and a lot of green islands, the endless strip of beaches, lazy azure waves, peace and complete harmony travelers.

Provinces of Thailand and Bangkok metropolitan areaexcept beach pastime can give a lot of cognitive trips, surprising meetings, celebrations and events. Each of the 77 provinces has its curiosities, relics and unique places that should not have to miss any tourist.

Superb Krabi

Any Thai resort is beautiful and good in their own way,but many agree that the palm should be given to Krabi province, which is quite conveniently located in the southern part of the country, on the coast of the Andaman Sea.

Centre Province is very younga city where the majority of entertainment venues and restaurants are concentrated on the main street. In the vicinity of many attractions created by ancient human hands. But even more interesting are the natural beauty that accompany the road to these monuments. It's interesting, is not repeated karst formations, creating unreal landscapes.

The rise of the Thap Keck

This name has Mountain and National Park,located in the immediate vicinity of Klong Muang Beach. The ascent will take between two to four hours, depending on the age and physical data conquerors of the summit.

The road is surrounded by picturesque peaks, steepno lifts, so the route is not very difficult for a tourist. But beauty, breathtaking set, sometimes the road runs along the edge of the mountains and offers stunning panoramic views.

But the most fantastic spectacle awaits visitors on the mountain in the evening when lit thousands of colored lights - it's blue or yellow fireflies start to the night life.

Tiger Temple

Another sacred place of the ancient inhabitants of the nowIt attracts crowds of tourists of different faiths. Complex as it deepened in the karst rock monastic cells resemble caves. The magnificent park, where there are wonderful trees - star anise, and the main inhabitants are small bugs.

It looks nice on the background of emerald green tropical temple, named after the terrible striped owner of these lands. Even more magnificent sight - Buddha statue, mounted on top of the mountain.

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  • Provinces of Thailand
  • Provinces of Thailand
  • Provinces of Thailand

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