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Thai Tradition

Thai Tradition

Land of Smiles and the eternal spring - a favorite placerelax or maybe even Russian winter. Indeed, the tradition of Thailand prescribe smile and enjoy life, and the local climate makes winter a chance to even try your hand at solar Thai beaches.

Buddha and the King

The two main shrines for all Thai - isreligion and the royal family. For the first time Europeans have appeared here are some traditions in Thailand related to Buddhism and the royal name may seem strange, but their respect will help to make your stay in the country comfortable and safe:

  • Do not joke on the king and his family, orto criticize the monarch. For Thai King - a respected and inviolable person, but because talking about it should only worship. Be prepared for the fact that even in the cinema before the session here show videos about the monarch and certainly sing the national anthem.
  • Once in front of the temple, leaveHere shoes and cover your knees and shoulders. Headgear for men can be worn, but the socks - is desirable. It is important not to send the feet towards the Buddha statue, to be quiet, not to attract attention. Photograph relies only received permission to minister the church and climb the religious shrines in search of a better angle is strictly prohibited.
  • Any donation or object that a woman wants to transfer to a monk, should be given to the mediator. Communicate directly with the ministers of the house the fair sex are not allowed.
  • The head, according to the traditions of Thailand, is consideredthe seat of the spirit. That is why it is touching the forbidden. Show your enthusiasm a little kid can be a kind smile, but patting the crumbs on the head, you risk angering his parents.

Wednesday - the day heavy

Compliance with certain calendar traditionsThailand may seem unusual Europeans. For example, the right environment, prohibiting venturing any important things in the middle of the week. Wednesday is considered to be a heavy day, and even a simple haircut Thai fashionista not dare sign that day. On Wednesday, the relatively empty shopping malls, cinemas and all the markets work.

What are they, Thais?

Thai Tradition and customs of its inhabitantsare of great interest for tourists. Thais do not tolerate the imperative tone and swinging his arms and such behavior may provoke a conflict, especially with the male. In any disputes should be encouraged to help the police, all the more so to the tourists the representatives of the law here is quite loyal. But the violation of traffic rules will be punished to the fullest extent. In such situations, the hospitable tradition of Thailand do not work, and therefore should comply with traffic laws, renting a car or moped.


  • Thai Tradition
  • Thai Tradition
  • Thai Tradition

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