Rest in Thailand in March, prices and weather. Where to rest in Thailand in March

Holidays in Thailand in March

Holidays in Thailand in March

Road in the south-eastern part of Asia pavedalmost all the tourists, including the laziest. Rest in Thailand that is comparable to paradise forwarding, will not leave anyone indifferent. Although promoted tourist destinations, vacation in Thailand in March, may open the most beautiful and exotic places of the ancient state.

Climatic conditions in Thailand

The tropical climate which reigns in the country,determines the weather conditions in March. At this time in Thailand - the hot season, temperature records are in the range +42 ° C. Tourists choosing to holiday in March, should think carefully about what it will take time. Or choose a specific route, for example, the north is cooler and the humidity is at its lowest level.

Thailand Hotels

The difference between local hotels and inns - no habitual for Europeans stars on facades, tour operators are generally free to determine the level and, consequently, price.

There are opportunities for rest and comfortable, "packaged" hotels, and the modest bungalow. Multi-storey hotel there are no a priori, not to cover the local natural beauty.

National celebrations

March 13 indigenous peoples of Thailand andNumerous vacationers at a high level are celebrating the Day of the Thai elephant. The outlines of the country resemble the head of a beautiful, big and strong animal. On holiday at Bangkok collected thousands of spectators. There are elephant exhibits, preparing refreshments for the people and the noble animal. Colourful performances and show programs with participation of elephants continues until late at night.

Another sacred animal, revered in ThailandIt becomes a dragon or serpent. That is why another important event takes place in the spring festival, during which triggered thousands of kites. Main becomes a competition between male and female serpent, the task of each team to drag an opponent on his half of the field. Winning depends not only on coherence of the team members, but also on the design features. During the festival, many of the guests from different countries brings their original kites for a demonstration.

Legends of Muay Thai

Thai boxing is not considered in view of the statesport and an art, and even has a red-letter day in the Thai calendar. Tourists, vacationers in Thailand in March, spectators can become beautiful fights for the title of best fighter.

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  • Holidays in Thailand in March
  • Holidays in Thailand in March

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