Holidays in Thailand in May: prices and weather. Where to rest in Thailand in May

Holidays in Thailand in May

Holidays in Thailand in May

In May, the climatic conditions in Thailand begins active ports, and to predict the weather becomes extremely difficult. So, what features can be noted?

Weather in Thailand in May

May is characterized by temperature extremes. The air can be warmed up to + 30C and higher during the day. In Phitsanulke and Chiang Mai air can be warmed up to + 35 ... 36C, and in the evening to cool to + 24C. On Koh Samui and Pattaya in a few days the temperature can reach + 40C.

In Bangkok, the minimum amount of precipitation falls onCompared to other regions of Thailand. This can be explained by the fact that the monsoons prevail uncertainly. In numerical terms, you can expect about 13 rainy days. The same applies to Pattaya. The resorts of the Gulf of Thailand can be 17 rainy days, Krabi and Phuket - 19. The high level of humidity has a serious impact on the health of people.

Thus, May can not be considered favorable month for a holiday in Thailand.

Holidays and festivals in Thailand in May

As of May accounted different holidays. So, how can cultural leisure travelers?

  • Fifth of the celebrations held to mark the Day of the Coronation. The most significant events affecting the capital of Thailand, where it is assumed to hold a military parade and fireworks.
  • In Bangkok, in May celebrates the feast of the first furrow, which symbolizes the beginning of the sowing season.
  • All localities affected ThailandVisakha Bucha (the fifteenth day of the fourth lunar month). This holiday - a homage to the Buddha. On the importance and essence of Visakha Bucha is comparable to Christmas, Easter. All believers take part in religious ceremonies and candle processions held near the ancient temples.
  • In Chiang Mai Festival is held the fruit, whichtimed to coincide with the collection of litchi. Everyone who decides to vacation in Thailand in May, an opportunity to have fun. Fruit Festival program includes dances, concerts, bands, beauty contest, tasting fruits.
  • In Yasothon many people come to the festivalrockets, known as Bun Bang Fai. During the festival, the sky made to launch rockets, made of bamboo and gunpowder. The program necessarily includes theatrical performances and tasting.

Prices for travel to Thailand in May

Tourists do not tend to go in Thailand in May, so the price of 40 - 50% cheaper than the high season.

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  • Holidays in Thailand in May
  • Holidays in Thailand in May

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