Airport in Tunisia: a diagram photo. How to get to Tunis airport

Tunis Airport

Tunis Airport

Tunis Carthage - airport serving the cityTunisia. It is located about 10 kilometers from the city center. It is said that near the territory of the airport are the ruins of one of the largest ancient cities - Carthage, hence the name came from the airport - Tunis-Carthage.
Tunis-Carthage airport is a base for the four airlines - Tunisair, Sevenair, Nouvelair Tunisia and Tunisavia, but only to the airport is working about 20 airlines.
The airfield has two runways, length of 2840 and 3200 meters. Both bands are covered with asphalt. Every year served about 4 million passengers.


Tunis Airport is planning to hold a substantialreconstruction. According to the plan, it should take place in the period 2015-2020 gg. After completion of all works Tunis-Carthage airport will enter the top ten airports in Africa.


Tunis Airport is ready to ensure the maximumcomfortable conditions for passengers on their territory. In the terminal, you can use all the necessary services on the road. Paragraphs food shops, where passengers can buy necessary goods - clothes, food, souvenirs, perfume, etc.
Business people on the territory of the terminal hasbusiness lounge, which has a free television, Internet, meeting room, etc. This business class passengers are greeted at the gangway and was escorted to the recreation room on the car.
Common lounge has comfortable chairs, ATMs, wireless Internet, etc.
Also in Tunis Airport is ready to provide a set of standard services - mail, luggage storage, parking, etc.

Getting there

The city can be reached by public transport. Near the terminal there are two stops, from which two routes buses depart:

  1. Route SNT. The bus departs every 30 minutes, fare 0.9 dinars. Due to the low cost of the bus ticket is often crowded
  2. Route TUT. The bus departs every 15 minutes, fare 5 dinars. The bus has a high comfort.

Both routes follow the city center.
Also, the city can be reached by taxi, the fare will be about 10 dinars.

Photos of Tunis Airport

  • Tunis Airport
  • Tunis Airport

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