Tunisia Areas - name, description, photos Tunisia areas where tourists stay

Tunisia Areas

Tunisia Areas

If you look at a map of the Tunisian capital, it will be understood that it is divided into several parts, which are attractions for travelers of great interest.

The names and a description of areas of Tunisia

Old city: Guests waiting for a maze of narrow alleys, visit Zitouna Mosque (in the prayer hall non-Muslims will not be allowed, but to experience the austere beauty of the building, enough to reach the courtyard) and Kasbah (despite the fact that it is almost always closed, it is worth to admire the minaret, decorated in Andalusian style) palaces Dar Othman (recommended to take photographs in the background of marble columns and go to the interior of the palace, but this should politely ask) and Dar Ben Abdallah (noteworthy painted ceilings and oriental ornaments, and yet there is a museum - it is presented in the form of house a wealthy family - his interior has not changed since the 19th century, guests can see how living the Tunisian bourgeoisie, as well as the exposure of wax), Tomb Tourbet El-Bey (visitors will be surprised unusual tombstones in a headdress), a visit to the National library (it - "keeper" of at least 500,000 different volumes) and markets (Turkey, the wool market and tanners).

New City: interest deserves clock tower, known as the Tunisian Big Ben, and being near it illuminated fountain.

Tunis Attractions

On the tour you will be offered a walk on the AvenueHabib Bourguiba (along it established office buildings, boutiques, cafes and theaters; it is lined with ficus and trees), see the Mosque Hamouda Pasha (special attention should be 8-sided minaret) and the Catholic Cathedral (in its architecture can be traced elements of Byzantine, Moorish and Gothic styles), visit the Bardo Museum (visitors can admire a collection of Byzantine and Roman mosaics, gold ornaments, marble statues), church of the Resurrection of Christ (you can attend the service conducted by Russian priest is to ring the bell on the gate to be inside the church), National Drama Theatre (building - a reflection of the Art Nouveau), the park, "Belvedere" (here will be able to not only escape from the heat in the shade of the trees, but also to observe hyenas, rhinos, lions, porcupines, peacocks and other inhabitants in the Zoological gardens).

Where to stay tourists

In the city there are hotels Tunisia,focused mainly on foreign businessmen - the level of service there is high (such hotels are "El Hana International" and "El Mouradi Africa"), but living in the city could overshadow the noise of the metropolis.

If desired, you can find a tourist hotel in the suburbs - Gammarth (here considered as the best hotel "The Residence").

Travellers should take into account that hotelsNew Town is much more expensive (they respectively belong to a higher level), therefore, wishing to save on accommodation should look at the placement of funds in the Old Town.

Photos of Tunisia areas

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  • Tunisia Areas
  • Tunisia Areas

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