Tunisia Beaches: photo. The best sandy beaches in Tunisia

Tunisia Beaches

Tunisia Beaches

Many tourists believe that Tunisia's beaches - itthe best place for a holiday and relaxation in the hot sand. Interestingly, all the beaches of the country absolutely free of charge and subject to the jurisdiction of the local municipality. By itself, the coast of Tunisia - this is a very long beach, but not all of its territory for a good holiday.

Plenty beaches of Tunisia

The youngest is the beach Tunisia Madhya. Sands is golden and very soft - the children really like. They are completely free to sculpt sand castles, dig into it even to the neck and frolic. But for those who love outdoor activities, it is best suited resort of Sousse. Bathe is much less than visiting night clubs and discos, and a variety of suggestions on sports equipment just amazing. A similar range of offers and leisure resort of Port El Kantaoui. Here you can relax in a local bar, take part in the gamble in the casino or dance at the disco. Another good area for relaxation - a beach with Skanes Monastir area, which he owns. Activities here will be extremely quiet, so this is the place for those who are not a big fan of noisy companies.

Great Island Gebre

Gebre Island is the sunniest and southernmostplace in Tunisia. The best sandy beaches of Tunisia settled here. The water here is crystal clear, and palm trees give shade and coolness in the heat of the midday heat. The landscape is very unusual, especially for domestic tourists who are not used to relax under the palm trees. On the island there are several top-quality hotels, with service rated at four or five stars. A large number of centers for health holidays makes Gebre island almost universal resort. The sand is pale cream, and entry into the water very shallow and safe. The island is suitable for families because parents do not have to worry about the safety of his child.

Stay for those who have money

Sousse Beaches are the most pure onin Tunisia, where the opinion is formed based on the comments as the visiting vacationers and locals. To explain this phenomenon is quite simple - the vast majority of these beaches belong to the territory of the expensive luxury hotels. It provides windsurfing rental and all the necessary equipment for underwater hunting.

Also on the beaches of Sousse it has the ability to do the following:

  1. Rybalov using rented or own equipment, paying a small amount for the fishing licenses;
  2. visit the numerous bars, get acquainted with the cuisine of different cultures and nationalities;
  3. enjoy the indescribable beauty of the local landscape.

Photos beaches of Tunisia

  • Tunisia Beaches
  • Tunisia Beaches
  • Tunisia Beaches
  • Tunisia Beaches

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