Rest in Tunis in November: prices and weather. Where to rest in Tunis in November

Rest in Tunis in November

Rest in Tunis in November

Despite the fact that in November in Tunis weather is notvery stable - the rainy season, sometimes blowing a cool wind, sudden changes in daytime and nighttime temperatures - tourists here quite a lot. Of course, come here not for the sake of swimming in the sea, because the water temperature does not exceed + 15 °. But on the coast can still be found rare sunbathers and seize the moment when the sea still. It attracts with its beauty in all seasons. In November, the sea turbulent, but high waves are fascinating.

But everything is relative. For Russia in November - it's almost the winter, and in Tunisia, although cool, but the weather is still summer. And if the purpose of the visit of the country - its familiarity with the sights, why not take a trip to Tunisia in November?

What to see in Tunisia in the last month of autumn

  • The town of Sidi Bou Said is attractive for its luxury. He is considered the richest in the country. Adopted 100 years ago, the law on the preservation of buildings of the same shape allows the tourist to see the current-preserved historic architecture. Art historians, poets, artists all over the world believe that this place - the embodiment of history.
  • Activities can be held in Tunis in November, with the use offor good health. Each of the numerous thalassotherapy centers offer a lot of all kinds of anti-aging treatments: seaweed wraps, therapeutic mud baths, massages. Thalassotherapy - a great tool for getting rid of excess weight and increase resistance to stress.
  • November - the best time for a trip eventhe Sahara, and, together with the children. At this time, the desert lake Chott El Jerid, usually dried, filled with water due to numerous rain. But we should not forget that in the desert the night cold and without warm jackets are indispensable.

Holidays in Tunis in November

In Tunisia, a lot of events taking place in November. Number 7 - the Day of the New Age, a holiday in honor of the arrival to power of Ben Ali, the president of the country. Conducted celebrations, festive ceremony, entertainment programs.

From 3 to 6 November in the town of Torez passes Festival oases. Tourists are offered to take part in various competitions and national sports, as well as look at the camel races.

From 8 to 11 November, held in Douz Sahara Festival. These days, the population of the small town increases several times. It attracts nomads, villagers and the inhabitants of the oases.

Thus, Tunisia is not boring in November. And on holidays and accommodation prices are much lower than in the summer season. A last-minute tours can be purchased very cheaply.

Photos vacation in Tunisia

  • Rest in Tunis in November
  • Rest in Tunis in November

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