Holidays in Tunisia in October: prices and weather. Where to rest in Tunis in October

Holidays in Tunisia in October

Holidays in Tunisia in October

In October, the heat is held in Tunisia, andset the most comfortable conditions. Tourists can enjoy the lack of strong genres and stuffiness. In this regard, each person will be very comfortable to spend time in Tunisia in October. Even children can fully enjoy the journey, because the adaptation period is reduced to a minimum.

In October, the weather can be unstable,so when planning each day is recommended to get acquainted with the weather forecast. The volume of precipitation is gradually increased as well as the amount of cloudy days. Livni may be absent, but still cloudy overtake. Statistics states that in the first half of the month rain and gloom are much less common, and since the beginning of the third decade to prepare for worsening weather conditions. In this connection, it is advisable to plan a trip for the first half of October.

In the month of may be from four to ninerainy days. The most humid regions are the northern areas of the island of Djerba, while the east coast is less exposed to precipitation. Day in Tunisia can be + 24 ... + 30C, depending on the region and from the decade of the month, and in the evening - + 15 ... + 24C. Without a doubt, the weather is conducive to a relaxing holiday in Tunisia in mid-autumn.

Holidays and festivals in Tunisia in October

  • In odd-numbered years held CarthageInternational Film Festival. The main purpose is to show the directors of films from the Middle East, Latin America, India, China and Europe. The diversity of culture to evaluate the modern cinema.
  • The Acropolis International held annuallyFestival of classical music. Amphitheatre gives a special atmosphere. Talented artists ready to show wonderful faces not only classical music, but also traditional music, jazz.
  • In some years, October has to celebrating the Muslim New Year. If you are lucky enough to go on this holiday, you will be able to discover the many nuances of the Tunisian culture.

Prices for a trip to Tunisia in October

Preferring to rest in October, you cansave on a guided tour and at the same time have fun. If you decide to choose a World tour or take advantage of the early booking, the costs will be even lower. Take this opportunity!

Photos vacation in Tunisia

  • Holidays in Tunisia in October
  • Holidays in Tunisia in October

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