Excursions in Tunisia. Sightseeing tours in Tunisia

Excursions in Tunisia

Excursions in Tunisia

I enjoy exotic state? In this case, the travel plan should include familiarity with Tunisia. During a guided tour you can feel the amazing atmosphere of the East and see the historic architecture. Excursions in Tunisia differ diversity and richness, so the journey will be remembered with the best hand.

City tour to Tunisia

All sightseeing tours in Tunisia suggesta walk along the main street and visit the best shopping, the eastern market. Each tourist can see ancient temples and visit the interesting museum centers. An experienced guide will tell, what is remarkable Tunisia and give useful tips that will allow to fully enjoy the holiday.

Interesting excursions in Tunis

  • You can enjoy boat trips, duringwhich you will see the beautiful Mediterranean coast. For every tourist organized a delicious lunch in the open air. You will have the opportunity to swim in the warm sea and soak up the sun on a gorgeous beach, but if you want - go fishing. Boat trip involves inspection of a pirate ship, El Jem, Monastir.
  • Dougga Tuburbo Majusi. Dougga - it ruins in Tunisia, different special beauty. The ruins are located at the foot of majestic mountains and surrounded by their olive trees and shrubs. Nearby is the semicircular theater which was built in 168 AD and allowed to attend the best representation of 3,500 spectators at the same time. During the tour you can see the mausoleum of Prince Atabay, a monument of culture of the inhabitants of Dougga. It is here that you will be able to fully feel the spirit of antiquity and the eastern states.
  • Excursion to Kairouan. Kairouan is an unusual contrast between ethnic and modern culture. On the one hand it is an old town with narrow streets and colorful shops, and on the other hand - a modern tourist complex, featuring luxury hotels and luxury yachts. Trip to Kairouan will allow to understand how closely intertwined are ancient and the modern.
  • Excursion to Sidi Bou Ali. You want to visit the ostrich farm? You will have the opportunity, if you decide to travel to the sanctuary of Sidi Bou Ali, which is an important center for the breeding of ostriches. The area of ​​the farm is 20 hectares. This is where you can see African ostriches and learn the peculiarities of their life.
  • Folklore evening. You seek to understand Tunisia? In this case, you have to take part in a folklore evening. Enjoy the best dishes of the national cuisine (shorba, couscous, BRIC), learn the traditions and customs of peoples living in Tunisia. You can see the belly dancing and unusual performances of jugglers who will perform an amazing number for folk music.

Tunisia - a beautiful city, with a visit where you can start discovering this unique country.

Tunis - recreation and tourism

Photo excursions in Tunis

  • Excursions in Tunisia
  • Excursions in Tunisia
  • Excursions in Tunisia

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