Airports in Turkey - list of international airports in Turkey

Airports in Turkey

Airports in Turkey

Among all the tourist destinations, masteredRussian travelers, Turkey - perhaps the most popular. This fly on a beach holiday, here eager to plunge into the turbulent swirl of the old streets of Ankara and see the Bosphorus in Istanbul, connecting the coast of Asia and Europe. Turkey Airports take hundreds of aircraft daily, demonstrating flawless and accurate work enviable hospitality.
From Russia here and fly regular flights, andcharters. Travel time is between 2.5 to 4 hours, depending on the direction and the air carrier. After Istanbul can be reached from Moscow to any regional airport of the country, and "Aeroflot" daily and directly connects the Russian capital with a Turkish beach - Antalya.

The international airports in Turkey

The right to receive aircraft from abroad in Turkey have several air gate:

  • The largest and most popular are rightly Istanbul. It happens every year more than 50 million. Passengers. Details of the work on the site -
  • Ankara Airport is located in the village of Esenboğa on the outskirts of the capital. The last renovation took place here in 2006 and this air harbor even received the title of best in Europe.
  • 13 km separates the center of the resort of Antalya and its airport. The boards of "Aeroflot" and the majority of the summer charter flights from Russia to land at Terminal 2. Website -

metropolitan area

Capital airport of Turkey and Ankara share 28km, which is easiest to overcome a taxi (the trip costs around 70 lira) or public transport. Route 442 bus runs from 6 to 23 hours and delivers passengers to long-distance bus station in the city center.
More than a hundred check-in counters can reduce the time to prepare for the flight, and modern airport infrastructure will not get bored waiting for the boarding.
Airlines whose aircraft often appear onairfield - is the most popular carriers in Europe and Asia. Flights to Ankara is scheduled Lufthansa, Qatar Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Scandinavian Airlines and others. With domestic airports Turkey capital tied flights Turkish Airlines.
Details -

In honor of the first president

The name of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is the largestTurkish airport in Istanbul. Of the three terminals for its international service meets the second, where the city is easiest to get on the M1 metro line trains. The path takes about an hour to the center. Every 30 minutes a bus stop at the exit of the terminal for buses to Taksim Square and the district of Aksaray. Taxis are available around the clock.
Russian travelers can get in on the wings of Istanbul and the Turkish carrier "Aeroflot" in Moscow, "Donavia" - from Sochi and Rostov-on-Don and "Russia" - from St. Petersburg.
In Turkey's largest airport fly aircraft of the absolute majority of European and Asian airlines, and Air Canada is in its field of the Western Hemisphere.


  • Airports in Turkey
  • Airports in Turkey
  • Airports in Turkey

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