Beaches Alanya: photo. The best sandy beaches of Alanya (Turkey)

Alanya Beaches

Alanya Beaches

Alanya Beaches are not in vain among the bestbeaches in the world, suitable for a comfortable and not too expensive holidays all year round. They are truly luxurious, for which he awarded the "Blue Flag". Their picturesque landscape and high quality service attract tourists from all over the world, but most often you can see it is the Russians.

The reason for the popularity of Alanya beaches

Alanya is located 120 km from Antalya, andmost of it is located on a high rocky promontory. The nature here is quite unique, and the infrastructure is well developed, so travelers have, what to see and do. Above Alanya the Taurus Mountains rise, creating a stunning effect of the merger of fresh sea air with fresh mountain. Local flora is very diverse: cedars, pine trees, fruit trees, exotic flowers and neat lawns - all this is literally breathtaking and does not allow for a moment to hide the camera.

Surprisingly, the rest on the best sandy beachesAlanya will cost the tourist is much cheaper than in many resort towns in Turkey. With such beautiful landscapes and amazing purity of the air, local prices almost do not cause tears of emotion. All the guests are accommodated in comfortable hotels with a professional staff ready to fulfill every whim for a nominal fee.

Variety Alanya beaches

Alanya resort is famous for its clean and largesandy beaches, which attracts holidaymakers from across the country. This town for those who do not plan to spend a lot of money on vacation, but want to relax with style and comfort. Especially popular are the local sandy beaches with a wide beach.

Alanya Beaches can be divided into three categories:

  1. sand;
  2. sandy and pebble;
  3. stony.

Basically vacationers prefer to sunbathe andswim in the villages, located not far from Alanya. For example, in the village of Mahmutlar beaches are very wide and crowded, so the suit is not for everyone. Here, small pebbles mixed with white sand. On the "approach" to the city beach becomes narrower, and on the way begin to see large stone slabs. Holidaymakers sunbathe directly on the plates, particularly when the sand gets too hot.

Large village Avsallar delight holidaymakersabundant variety of cafes and shops. Where you can buy souvenirs, visit the small bays and a ride on a boat. Walk through the village Avsallar - is one big fun, especially if you are here for the first time. Large waves are never so in the village always quiet and calm. The coastline here is quite narrow, and the beaches very sandy.

Photos Alanya beaches

  • Alanya Beaches
  • Alanya Beaches
  • Alanya Beaches

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