Where to go with children in Alanya. Children's Entertainment in Alanya

Where to go with children in Alanya?

Where to go with children in Alanya?

A popular resort on the Turkish coast is Alanya. Many families of Russians are choosing this beautiful city to relax.

resort Attractions

With children, you can take a stroll around the city andget acquainted with its architectural monuments. A well-known landmark is considered shipyard Tersane. It looks very picturesque. The shipyard is the oldest building on the Mediterranean coast. It is located near the Red Tower, and is easily visible from the sea. This place is the most reliable marine post on the southern coast of Turkey.

Bright object Alanya - ancient fortressbuilt in the 13th century. It stretches on the peninsula with rocky shores. The fortress is among the caves, which can be reached only by sea. Such landscapes are reminiscent of pirates wield here in ancient times.

The famous attraction of the resort -the ancient city of Justinian in the village of Karaburun. In this place attracts divers, as the sea allows you to dive. Nearby are wonderful beaches, cliffs and teahouses.

With a child you can visit Damlatas cavewhich is considered one of the safest on the coast. In the cave there was a special, healing atmosphere. It is believed that it helps the air to cure the disease of the respiratory system. Damlatas cave looks very nice, because inside it is full of stalactites and stalagmites.

Activities with child

Where to go with children in Alanya to getan unforgettable experience and have fun with the whole family? In this case it is better to go to the mall or water park. Excellent recommendations Alanya water park has a water park, which is located in the center of the resort. In this institution there are 9 slides. Waterpark is different impressive size, but there are exciting activities for children.

Good leisure offers dolphin Sealanya,remote from the town 20 km. It is the largest dolphin on the coast of Turkey. There you can view your program with dolphins and sea lions. Permission is granted to swim with them after the show. A necessary condition is the existence of a special vest.

Another popular tourist destination -waterpark Migros, spread out far from Damlatas cave. On its territory is a complex for children with small slides. Adults are invited to 10 slides, water rides and canoeing.


  • Where to go with children in Alanya?
  • Where to go with children in Alanya?

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