New Year in Antalya - photos. New Year in Antalya (Turkey) in 2016

New Year in Antalya

New Year in Antalya

Only three hours of flight in modern comfortairliner, and you are ready to celebrate the New Year in Antalya - known Turkish beach resort, which is famous for its unique microclimate, interesting entertainment, a variety of hotels and the same hospitality of its inhabitants.

If the stars are lit

The Mediterranean coast in Turkey is characterized mild winters, the temperature does not fall below 22, and the sun is enough for a pleasant light tan and good mood.
To celebrate the New Year in Antalya"With all the amenities", travel agents recommend choosing a 5 * hotel, which has an indoor pool or open, but with warm water. In these hotels there is good infrastructure, and for the fans of active rest will fall by the way gyms and spas, Turkish bath and tennis courts.
According to the owners, guests should feela real holiday, but because hotel staff compete in ingenuity. The buffet menu and dinners there are new dishes, and animators are lit on the beach parties with renewed vigor.
In honor of the holiday hotels invite forentertainment television star, and concerts are the most popular singers. On the last stroke chimes begin dazzling fireworks that overshadow a salute to the Russian regional center of an average hand.
Informative program came to a winter vacation in the popular Turkish resort typically includes an excursion to the Duden waterfall.

Fur coats, hats

Take with you on New Year's Eve in Antalya warmgarment is not necessary. Even if you feel that the evenings are cool enough, do not have to freeze. Turkey offers winter fantastic shopping opportunities, and therefore coat, sheepskin coat, a nice jacket or jersey you can buy these days is very beneficial. Department stores and shopping malls vying offer discounts and bonuses, so it pays to stock up a suitcase for the delivery of souvenirs and gifts home.
Book tickets and tickets for the New YearAntalya best advance because is too large during the peak season demand. Turkish Riviera is loved and popular, because here you are always welcome and strive to make sure that their mood was festive, regardless of calendars and schedules.

Photos of New Year celebrations in Antalya

  • New Year in Antalya
  • New Year in Antalya

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