Prices in Antalya - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to Antalya

Prices in Antalya

Prices in Antalya

A favorite vacation spot of Russians remainsAntalya. Resting on its beaches is possible in any season. Antalya - a big city, characterized by affordable prices and an abundance of attractions. Vacationing here is much better than in Istanbul. You can find a hotel for every budget in the resort town of Turkey. Prices in Antalya suitable for people with average incomes.
Hotels located in the central part of the resort,It offers affordable rooms and a comfortable environment. If you dwell in the heart, it will be next to restaurants, shops and historic sites. In high season (July and August), prices in hotels increased. In the autumn vacationers in Antalya little, so remove inexpensive and a good number at this time is very easy.

Indicative prices for rooms in Antalya

  • 1 star hotel - $ 400-520;
  • Hotel with 2 stars - 350 - $ 870;
  • Hotel with 3 stars - $ 730-1220;
  • hotel with 4 stars - 1220 - $ 3470;
  • Hotel with 5 stars - 3200 - $ 9200.

In Antalya, a lot of archaeological sites. Beaches located near the center, which is convenient for travelers. So many people successfully combine sightseeing and beach holidays. Among the popular tourist diving, which is characterized by democratic price.

Estimated costs for holiday

To determine how much money you will needto travel to Antalya, you first need to decide where and how you go. If a ticket is purchased at the tour operators and the hotel is working on the program "all inclusive", then to the resulting costs can be added only to the money that will be spent on sightseeing and shopping. If additional activities you're not interested, you will have enough additional $ 100. They go for the purchase of soft drinks, ice cream, and public transport. on the tour cost depends on the location of their acquisition. On the street you can order cheap tours from travel agencies. Much more expensive will cost an individual tour with a guide. If you ride a budget tour in a day, then you have enough $ 300.

Dining in Antalya

Usually the budget breakfast is included in the pricerooms. In Turkey, for the travelers used the power buffet. Resting can choose any dish to your taste from the proposed. If this service is not provided by the property, you can order breakfast, spending 60-140 dollars. In the city you can buy any products from the national to the European. Antalya is located in the subtropical zone, so there is always a lot of fruit. Fresh vegetables and fruits can be bought in the Turkish market. The malls and shops accept dollars, Euros and Turkish Lira.



  • Prices in Antalya

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