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Independent travel to Antalya

Independent travel to Antalya

One of the most popular resorts in the Mediterranean Turkish Riviera, Antalya - is the center of a beach holiday, a variety of fun and exciting and profitable shopping.

When to go to Antalya?

Beach season in Antalya begins at the end ofof April. The air is heated to 25, and the water - up to + 18 degrees. At this time, and there are "first signs" among lovers of comfortable cool days. Peak season is in August-September, when the absolute majority of the rushes on vacation in Antalya who want a great beach vacation at a nice price.

How to get to Antalya?

Antalya Airport receives daily dozenscharter and regular flights from all over the world. Flight time from Moscow is about three hours, and transfer to your hotel takes approximately 30 minutes. Taxis can be selected at the airport or book a shuttle on specialized websites. A great option for travelers who prefer the freedom of movement, - rent a car in Antalya.


Book a hotel in Antalya for independenttourists not difficult. Do it best for specialized resources that provide discounts on accommodation in hotels and hostels. Hotel pool in Antalya is very diverse, and therefore to choose the house in accordance with the needs and capabilities can here everyone. Many independent travelers rent apartments and rooms in Antalya and greatly save not only on accommodation, but also on food during the holidays.

Argue about taste

Yet Antalya restaurants are worthlunch and dinner right there! You should start with one of the city's fish restaurants serving cheap and delicious dishes of fish and seafood. Required to order oriental sweets, fresh juices and vegetables, baked on the grill. The best way to wake up in the morning after an incendiary parties - have a cup of strong coffee in Turkish and finish worthy of any meal will help local ice cream.
Do not be afraid and street hawkers - small business owners in Turkey are very sensitive to their customers and zealously observe all sanitary rules and norms of catering.

Cognitive and exciting

The main architectural featureAntalya - Yivli mosque with a minaret. The views from its observation deck over the city and the sea, stunning and fascinating. From antiquities preserved Hadrian's Gate of the Roman period, and modern oasis of entertainment for tourists are especially attractive two water parks, one of which take place at night discos. On the way to the night event is important not to miss the show of fountains - a spectacular and colorful show for visitors and residents.


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