Holidays in Belek - picture. Summer holiday in Belek (Turkey) in 2015

Holidays in Belek

Holidays in Belek

Holidays in Belek, you can enjoy cleanbeaches, surrounded by fir and pine forests, a first class service in the hotels, magnificent climate. Tours in Belek is very popular among outdoor enthusiasts and sports entertainment.

The main types of holiday in Belek

  • Beach: Belek beaches are well equipped and are renowned for gentle entry into the water (many of them were awarded Blue Flag), and, in addition, here you can watch the turtles, Caretta.
  • Sightseeing: the excursions you will be offered a trip to the national park "Köprülü Canyon" and Kursunlu waterfall, as well as a trip to the ancient city of Aspendos (there is a mausoleum of Sheikh Edebali, Osman Gazi Mosque, Zeno's Palace).
  • Active: for those who want a resort created the conditions for the game of golf, climbing, rafting, scuba diving, parasailing, windsurfing, sailing to water skiing and scooter, jeep safari (you will see the Canyon Koprulu, visit the provincial settlement, get acquainted with life and traditions of the rural population), fun hanging out in the water park "Troy" (famous for its unusual attractions such as water slide, lifting the guests upstairs).
  • Event: arrived in Belek in the summer and winter months, you will be able to attend to all kinds of sporting events, tournaments and competitions. In addition, the summer here you will have to wait for beach competitions and games, and in the fall - the celebration of the Festival of Opera and Ballet.

Prices for tours to Belek

The ideal time to visit Belek is consideredMay-October. Prices are not low in Belek (the Turkish resort - a fashionable holiday destination), and the acquisition of more expensive trips is prepared in the high season - in the summer months. As such, the low season in Belek no, because even here in the winter rush golfers, basketball, tennis, beautiful scenery and healthful air. Still, you can save a little by coming here in November and April.

Great idea - to come to Belek in the velvet season (September-November) - compared with high season prices for tours will delight you with its charm.

On a note!

If you want to take pictures of local people- Pre-should obtain their consent (women in black shawls categorically can not be photographed). It may happen that the locals will invite you for a visit for a cup of tea - do not give up, not to hurt them, and treat yourself if you offer something the host of souvenir shops - so do not deny it and buy him a souvenir.

Before leaving Belek is time toacquire a souvenir of their holiday gold or silver jewelry with precious and semiprecious stones, oriental sweets, Turkish rugs, pottery hand-painted.

Photos holiday in Belek

  • Holidays in Belek
  • Holidays in Belek
  • Holidays in Belek

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