Water parks in Belek - photos, price, description

Water parks in Belek

Water parks in Belek

The entertainment on holiday in Belek is to include a visit to the local water park, stylized Troy (its territory is a 25-meter Trojan horse).

Aqua Park in Belek

Aquapark "Troy Aqua Park" offers:

  • slides Kamikaze "Zeus" and "Hera", "Tower ofMenelaus "with 3 slides (runs length - 13.75 m, and 120)," Multislide "," Master Blaster "," Hydrotube "," Black Hole "," Fantome "(riding on all slides carried on inflatable circles - for it follow very strictly), fountains, pools, in particular with artificial waves for surfing and "Flow Rider";
  • the likeness of a Greek trireme children Achilles Trireme with small slides;
  • restaurant, bar, souvenir shop.

Prices: Children's tickets (6 years) are $ 20 (up to 6 years - free of charge), adults - 35-40 $.

It is worth noting that on the territory of "Troy AquaPark "located dolphin - here you can see the performance of walrus, dolphins and sea lions, as well as swimming in the aquarium of sharks and stingrays Those that decide to swim with dolphins, should prepare for the fact that this game will cost them $ 100..

Since the water park, you can find copies of weapons, shields and helmets of antiquity, as well as antique vases and mock chariot, you should not miss the opportunity to make original photos.

Water Activities in Belek

If you decide to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool, pay attention to the "Rixos Premium Belek", "Belconti Resort Hotel" and others.

Resting in Belek, it is recommended to go topark reserve "Canyon Koprulu" - here you can not only admire the birds (owl, golden eagle, eagle), fauna (turtle Caretta, fox, mountain goat) and flora (pistachio tree, cypress, eucalyptus), but also engage in fishing (catch trout), rock climbing and rafting in inflatable rafts on the mountain river Köprüçay.

Proponents of beach holiday is unlikely to bedisappointed - the resort has sandy beaches, Blue Flag (the coast is surrounded by eucalyptus and pine forests). In addition to the "lazy" holiday, the essence of which lies in the pastime on the sun loungers or in the bungalow with soft zones and pillows (this service is not available in all hotels), travelers can go parasailing or windsurfing, take a ride on a boat or jet ski.

You may want to head to the city beachBelek Beach - flock here wishing to relax in the hammocks and benches to spend time on sports grounds, as well as concerts held here and show, in rare cases - and discotheques.

Well, if you choose to go diving, you will be able to see the underwater landscape and the inhabitants of the underwater immersion in the sea depths.


  • Water parks in Belek
  • Water parks in Belek
  • Water parks in Belek

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