The best restaurant in Istanbul - photos, prices

The best restaurants in Istanbul

The best restaurants in Istanbul

Istanbul - is a colorful port city in whichintertwine and modern architecture of the days of Rome, Byzantium and the Ottoman government. Tourists are always welcome here, and at their disposal hotels, shopping centers and beaches. The best restaurant in Istanbul feed everyone fresh seafood and legendary Turkish sweets.

Fish restaurants

Five different fish restaurants in Istanbul: «Eleos»; «Balikci Kahraman»; «Balikci Saahattin»; «Bebek Balikci»; «Kiyi». Hence, even the most fastidious gourmet will not leave disappointed. In «Balikci Kahraman» worth trying the famous "Kalkan tandoor», «Kiyi» will appreciate a summer terrace, and «Bebek Balikci» surprised by this royal menu of the XVI century.

Turkish cuisine

Try these national dishes Turkeybeing in Istanbul, is required. And to do this, you can visit, for example, «Deraliye Restaurant». There is excellent Turkish cuisine, and the service is that you can easily feel like a sultan. It is worth noting also «Ciya Sofrasi», «Asitane Restaurant», «Develi Kebap» and «Kosebasi Restaurant».

Fine Dining

In Istanbul and trendy modern restaurants,famous all over the world. They describe the bloggers, but celebrities do not miss an opportunity to dine here. «La Mouette» offer foie gras in Albanian, «Leb-I derya» provides the opportunity to dine on the roof and enjoy the view of the Bosphorus. Also located on the roof of «Mikla» - here especially praise the smoked lamb fillet and lamb chops. Excellent grill can be found in «Meze by Lemon Tree».

Confectionery Istanbul

For the sweet tooth in Istanbul present expanse. Sweets are so many and they are so unusual that I want to try everything at once. The oldest confectionary Istanbul - «Hafiz Mustafa 1864". Here you can enjoy a traditional Turkish desserts, as well as European. Restaurant «Tadal Pastanesi» is famous not only for its Turkish cuisine, and desserts such as the delicious baklava. There is also an excellent tea «Dem Karakoy», in which all visitors definitely bought cake Mastika. Do not pass by in Istanbul, and such institutions as the «bi Nevi Karakoy», «Kahve Dunyasi» and «Eastanbul Nar Art & Caf».

Istanbul surprises. There are still preserved old atmosphere, which is so easy to plunge and feel the original Turkish culture. And the best places of the city are happy to provide such an opportunity.


  • The best restaurants in Istanbul
  • The best restaurants in Istanbul
  • The best restaurants in Istanbul

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