Istanbul for 3 days: where to go in Istanbul

Istanbul for 3 days

Istanbul for 3 days

Best jewel among other worthy inTurkish crown - this is, without a doubt, Istanbul. The potent combination of eastern and western exotic sophistication can not leave indifferent any traveler, so guests tend to see in Istanbul for 3 days maximum its sights and beauties.

Tête-à-tête in the century

Facing each other they are located on the squareSultanahmet, two of the most majestic and famous buildings of Istanbul. Temple of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque rise above time and space, causing the heart to beat with enthusiasm dozens of generations.
The Blue Mosque is one of the wonderthe most elegant buildings of world architecture in the Islamic style. It was erected on the orders of Sultan Ahmed in the XVII century, and its six minarets towering consistently on all promotional photos and brochures of Istanbul. The mosque was built in the period of the decline of the Ottoman Empire, but the splendor embodied genius architects in each tile and each stone, leaves no doubt that the good times will come necessarily.
Hagia Sophia has a much longer history and itsconstruction began in the VI century by Emperor Justinian. In the XV century, the Turks turned the cathedral into a mosque and strengthened by numerous huge building supports. A special delight tourists are magnificent Byzantine mosaics depicting Jesus with Emperor Constantine IX.

Quarter Grand Bazaar

Trade has always played an important role in the economy anddevelopment of the city, stretching to Asia and Europe simultaneously. Arriving in Istanbul for 3 days to visit the Galata Bridge and the Grand Bazaar, in the maze of streets between which focused hundreds of shops and stores in a variety of souvenirs. Here you can buy beautiful jewelry, utensils of silver, luxury carpets, and, looking into the arch between the trade rows, see the patios, where hard to create their masterpieces local artisans.
At the top of the hill where stretches the Grand Bazaar, Suleymaniye Mosque stands - an impressive work of the architects of the XVI century. The mosque is considered an outstanding masterpiece of Ottoman culture.

Above the Golden Horn

Over the bodies of water, leading to the side of the Bosphorus andbearing the name of the Golden Horn, a bridge of Galata, which is bred for the passage of vessels and serves as a great place for photo shoots. From the bridge you can observe the life of the city, and numerous exotic restaurants will turn the program "Istanbul for 3 days" in great gourmet adventure.

Istanbul - a city on two continents


  • Istanbul for 3 days
  • Istanbul for 3 days

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