Prices in Istanbul - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to Istanbul

Prices in Istanbul

Prices in Istanbul

Istanbul is a huge city and the seaport. It is located in Asia and Europe, occupying both banks of the Bosphorus Strait. In different parts of the city you can see the Black and Marmara Sea. In Istanbul, many historical monuments and cultural sites, ensuring visitors a rich and varied holiday. Going on vacation in the city, find out in advance what the prices in Istanbul, the most popular services for travelers. This will help you quickly navigate after the arrival and save money.

Where to eat better tourist

Istanbul offers visitors and residents a lot ofcafes, restaurants and outlets with fast food. Prices for food in them are different. If you are interested in economical power, the center of the city and in areas where concentrated attractions, there is a good cafe with budget prices. Meals according to the type of fast food (hamburger, borek, doner, tombik) costs about 4-8 pounds. The price depends on the quality and size of dishes. Delicious Turkish doner (shawarma) with meat, tomatoes and eggplants can try for 8 liras. Vegetables and fruits in the central stores of the city are not so cheap. But the prices are lower than in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The cost of fresh fruits and vegetables depends on the season. In the center of Istanbul, there is a giant Grand Bazaar, which serves mainly sweets, spices, souvenirs and clothing. Products there are not very many.

Accommodation in Istanbul

Good option for many travelers - accommodationHostel. One night costs an average of $ 9. Slightly more expensive cost hostels, providing maximum comfort - for $ 12 per night. Hotels located throughout Istanbul. Walking through the residential areas, among the houses you will see a lot of tablets with «Otel» inscription. Best hotels and hostels are everywhere: next to the popular tourist sites in the center, on the outskirts, and in the slums. If you come to Istanbul for the first time, do not rent a house on the other side of the Strait, in Asia. After all, you have to cross it every day on the ferry to be in Europe. One of the best areas for tourists is located near the Blue Mosque. Hotels and hostels are surrounded by old buildings and palaces. This place is a luxury hotel Four Seasons. Per Room at the hotel is possible to pay in dollars, euros or lyres.


Prices in Istanbul, transport services enoughlow. Meeting in Istanbul's metro is 1.5 lira. Transplanting from one line to another, you have to pay again. The most popular mode of transport are buses. They are divided into Metrobus, city, taxis and minibuses. The fare on the municipal and private buses is the same - 2.15 lira, if the payment is done by a transport card. A one-time travel on the token is 4 lira.

Istanbul - a city on two continents


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