Holidays in Istanbul - photo. Summer vacation in Istanbul in 2015

Holidays in Istanbul

Holidays in Istanbul

Rest in Istanbul are choosing all groups of tourists - here will find entertainment in the shower shopaholic, passive and active travelers.

The main types of holiday in Istanbul

  • Sightseeing: as part of tours you will be the Blue Mosque, Galata Tower, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace (you will be able to visit different rooms and see the collections of pottery, porcelain, jewelery), Dolmabahce Palace, will be transferred to the spice market in the Mosaic Museum, the Museum of whirling dervishes as well as in the miniature park "Miniaturk". In addition, for all those wishing to organize a cruise on the Bosphorus river.
  • Active: if you wish you can enjoy sailing, golf, go fishing, visit night clubs, as well as jazz and nargile cafes.
  • Event: trip to Istanbul - a great opportunity to visit the exhibition of fashion "FashionFair" (February), the International Film Festival (April), Tulip Festival (April), International Theatre Festival (May), Jazz Festival (July), the International Boat Show (October).
  • Beach: with children it is recommended to rest on the Sea of ​​Marmara on the beaches district of Istanbul Dzhaddebostan and Fenerbahce (note the additional charge TrueBlueBeachBar - there is everything necessary for comfortable rest), because the sea is shallow and there are gentle entry into the water, and the water is a bit warmer than in other areas. In the area Saryyer (Black Sea) should look at the beach club UzunyaBeachClub -one has its own camping, a restaurant, pool hall. And by choosing to rest sandy Black Sea beach BurcBeachClub, you can ride on a catamaran ilibanane, play football or volleyball, go to the annual concerts and competitions in various sports.
  • Family: parents should reduce their children's water parks "AquaMarine" and "AquaClubDolphin", Zoo "Bayramoglu", Dolphinarium, amusement park "JurassicLand", the Ice "MagicAce" museum.

Prices for tours to Istanbul

Vacationing in Istanbul can be found at anytime of year, but the most favorable time to visit the Turkish city - from April to September. Increasing the value of permits in Istanbul (30-50%) observed in the summer months. As such, the low season in Istanbul is not, but fewer tourists in this town in the winter, the exception - the New Year holidays, when prices for tours to Istanbul increased markedly.

On a note!

Note that before you take a photo of the locals, after they had to get permission to shoot, and Muslim women and do not be photographed.

Do not drink water from the tap in Istanbul (it contains a lot of chlorine) - give preference to bottled water.

To get around the city is better to use the bus service, taxi or dolmus (night-time tariffs are increased by half).

Great gift from Istanbul can become gold jewelry, leather goods, spices, antiques, a Turkish rug, oriental sweets, Turkish hookah.

Istanbul - a city on two continents

Photos rest in Istanbul

  • Holidays in Istanbul
  • Holidays in Istanbul
  • Holidays in Istanbul

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