Where to eat in Istanbul - cheap and tasty

Where to eat in Istanbul?

Where to eat in Istanbul?

"Where to eat in Istanbul?" - The actual question that always arises in each room in this Turkish city.

Where to eat cheaply in Istanbul?

If your goal - inexpensive meal, can givepreference for street food: simit - a bagel with sesame seeds can be bought for $ 0.5, roasted chestnuts - $ 2/100 g, stuffed mussels - $ 1-1.5 / few. Cheap meal can be on the Istanbul market, where you can buy, for example, cheese Peynir, Kumpir, a variety of sweets and nuts.

Another option is a cheap snackvisit of Turkish traditional fast food - lokantov. For example, for a hearty meal of 3 dishes in the Balkan Lokantasi you give about $ 5-7. For a delicious and inexpensive food you can go to a cafe-restaurant Siva - here serves pizza, sandwiches, salads, traditional Turkish dishes (you will please fast service).

Where to eat in Istanbul delicious?

  • Ciya: in this restaurant chain establishments you can taste traditional dishes whose recipes have been collected throughout Turkey. Here you can taste dozens of different kinds of kebab (onion kebab, lamb kebab liver), eggplant stuffed with rice and mutton, lamb, extinguished with beans, eggplants and tomatoes, pumpkin desserts.
  • Rejans: this restaurant specializes in international cuisine (in the menu, you can find both Turkish and Russian cuisine). So, here you can enjoy Russian meatballs, pancakes with caviar 3 kinds of (Iranian, salmon, beluga), lemon vodka.
  • Sultanahmet: the walls of this restaurant is decorated with ancient marine equipment and ship models. Here you can enjoy delicious fish and seafood, and in the evening - enjoy the fire show, which are held directly in the hall, around the tables.
  • Metropolis: in this restaurant menu includes Turkish and Ottoman cuisine (emphasis in this institution is placed on the seafood). In addition, you will please a wide choice of white, red and rosé wines, and traditional Turkish desserts. If you are going to rest here in the summer, you can dine in the garden by the light of lanterns, and in winter you will be offered to stay in one of two rooms with fireplaces.

Gastronomic tours around Istanbul

On the gastronomic tour of Istanbul youwaiting for a walk through the colorful bazaars, where you can taste and buy a variety of products. As part of this tour you will be told about the local cuisine and, as well, advise, public restaurants, cafes and shops of delicacies worth visiting. In addition, you will be taken to some of the best places where you can eat dessert chicken breast and a drink from the wild orchid root. If you wish, you will be taken to the spice market, the shop to dealers cheese, pastry shops (here you can taste Turkish delight and candied fruit).

Turkish food is very tasty, and you can try it everywhere - on the streets, in parks, embankments ...


  • Where to eat in Istanbul?
  • Where to eat in Istanbul?
  • Where to eat in Istanbul?

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