Zoo Istanbul - photos, price, hours of work. How to get to the zoo in Istanbul

Zoo in Istanbul

Zoo in Istanbul

This zoo project - one of the youngestin the world! Only in 1993, the organizer and inspirer Professor Faruk Yalcin decided to open the doors to its own private zoo visitors. Guests do not have to wait, and today Istanbul zoo grew and became a full member of the European Association. In an area of ​​200 thousand sq. M. m. There are more than 300 species of animals.

ZOO Darica

"Bird Paradise and Botanic Park" - that isIstanbul is the informal name of the zoo, which its founder and current director Faruk Yalcin proud. A pleasant atmosphere is guaranteed and guests and visitors. In each cell there is a fountain in birds, a Japanese garden for meditation and well-groomed greens gives a pleasant cool even hot Turkish summer.

Pride and Achievements

Growing from a small private zoo, zooDarika today is proud of its exotic inhabitants. The enclosures contain predatory lions and tigers are huge, fluffy fox and deer graceful, lazy camels and zebra stripes, wild horse and restless monkeys. The aquarium eye pleasing abundance of the brightest representatives of the underwater fauna that can be monitored with a camera for hours.

How to get there?

zoo Address in Istanbul is known for both adults and children - Bogazici Zoo, Bird Paradise and Botanic Park, Tuzla Cad. No 15, 41870 Darica.
Getting to the zoo can be on a commuter train, next to the bus stop in Gebze Osmangazi, "where it is necessary to transfer to taxi 501 to the zoo.
The second way - bus from Istanbul to Gebze direction. At the stop McDpnalds Cayiroglu - seats on the same minibus 501.

Helpful information

Hours Istanbul zoo is bestelaborate on the official website in real time. As a rule, offices are opened in 0830 and caters to visitors to the park to 17.30 in the autumn-winter season, and up to 18.30 - in the spring and summer.
The price of tickets depends on the age and social status of the buyer:

  • Kids under 4 years old are entitled to free entrance.
  • Ticket price for children from 5 to 15 years - 15 TL.
  • Adult tickets for visitors from 18 to 65 years - 20 TL
  • Older visitors from 65 years of age and older must pay an entrance fee of 5 TL
  • 5 TL is a ticket and for persons with disabilities.

To confirm eligibility will have to present documents with photos. Pets are not allowed.

Services and contacts

The zoo opened a cafe, where you can eatafter a walk, drink coffee in the east, and enjoy a relaxing holiday in the shade of exotic trees. Workers in the gift shop will help you choose gifts in memory of the visit of one of the most comfortable zoos in the world.
Details of opening hours and arrangements are available on the official website - www.farukyalcinzoo.com.
For more information call +90 (262) 653 13 74.

Photos of Istanbul Zoo

  • Zoo in Istanbul
  • Zoo in Istanbul
  • Zoo in Istanbul

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