Beach Side: photo. The best sandy beaches in Side (Turkey)

Beaches of Side

Beaches of Side

It is believed that the resort of Side is located in one of thethe most picturesque corners of our globe. Local leisure travelers the opportunity to relax on the beautiful green peninsula where the first settlements date back to the seventh century BC. Location literally breathes antiquity, so you can not only know the joy of summer holidays, but also enrich their cultural and historical baggage of knowledge. Side's beaches are located in the ancient commercial center, where formerly minted local coins.

Of course, in the course of its history Side Resortexperienced numerous ups and downs, but a specific period can be described as very favorable for the resort. There are many unique architectural monuments, most of which are housed in the old town. Particular attention is paid by tourists of the ancient statue of the emperor Vespisiana, who is known for his immortal phrase "money does not smell." The locals sometimes called Side "Old Antalya".

Features Side's beaches

Top Side sandy beaches stretch from the western and eastern part of the local Cape. Each of these beaches has its own advantages. For example, such features is the eastern part:

  1. It is quiet and peaceful, so you can relax with the whole family;
  2. Most luxury hotels are located here;
  3. large areas with green spaces provide an opportunity to walk in the shade during the heat of raging;
  4. from afar came the scent of pine and orange groves, which sometimes fit close to the beach strip.

It is noteworthy that the local hotels each yearIt takes hundreds of thousands of tourists, which indicates the high quality of service and an unforgettable experience, which is getting a rest. The sloping entrance to the sea allows you to relax on the local beach with small children.
The western part of Side is known as permanentfilled with people, but for the same reason it is never boring. Vacationers will find restaurants and cafes for your taste, try the national cuisine, will be able to go to the bar or dance at the disco. Also open in the evening, local clubs and casinos.

Breathing history or Rest with

Side resort atmosphere allows travelerscompletely relax and enjoy the mountains. White sand is very pleasant to children, and peace of mind of all the resort area will appeal to weary monotony of everyday life for adults.
Beach holidays in Side You can also rouserich cultural and historical program, visiting local tours and exhibitions. It is impossible to forget the ancient walls surrounding the Side, especially taking into account the fact how well they survived.

Photos beaches of Side

  • Beaches of Side
  • Beaches of Side
  • Beaches of Side
  • Beaches of Side

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