Things to do in Side? What to do and where to go in Side?

What to do in Side?

What to do in Side?

Side - a lively resort in southern Turkey, famous for its unique attractions, numerous hotels, orange groves, white yachts and excellent sandy beaches.

What to do in Side?

  • Inspect the ruins of ancient Side;
  • Go to the Side Museum;
  • Take a visiting tour to Manavgat waterfall;
  • See Side walls.

Things to do in Side?

When meeting with Side stands to admire the ancient theater of the city, the ruins of an ancient temple of Apollo, the agora, the Arc de Triomphe, fountain Nymphaeum, aqueduct, well-preserved Roman baths.

Active tourists at leisure rafting, visiting Alpine Rafting center - there are organized day trips to places that are perfect for rafting.

You can go on a cycling tour, if desired. Its duration can be several hours or several days. If you decide to go on a long trip, you will be able to ride a bike on scenic surroundings.

You can go on a jeep safari to seelocal flora and fauna. And couples can stroll along the promenade Side or go to a romantic cruise, rent a boat or a boat. Lovers get-togethers and parties can spend the night in nightclubs Alya, Apollo, Lighthouse.

Side - a great place for shopping: the mall Hadrian Group Side can buy fashionable clothes and furs, in "Moda Show" - leather and fur products, in Cadaro Side Jewellery - jewelry, and "Onen" - oriental sweets and spices.

Beach lovers should pay attentionthe beaches on the east and west side of the cape. West beach - fun and crowded: here you can go parasailing, windsurfing, water attractions, water-skiing, go on a yacht ride in the evening - come off at numerous discos. And the eastern beaches less crowded, so there is much quieter and quieter - here you can walk on the sand dunes, looking at ancient ruins, and then relax on the sandy beaches.

Furthermore, it should look at the resortAreas Side - Colakli, Kizilot, Titreyngel, Kumköy, Manavgat. For example, in the area of ​​Kumkoy you enjoy picturesque bay and sloping shore and near Çolaklı - golden beaches and tourist resorts.

Side lovers of history and excursions(Resort - open-air museum), families with children (it is promoted by sandy beaches, shallow sea, gently sloping entrance to the sea, the presence of children's animation in the hotels), loving couples (here met Cleopatra and Mark Antony).

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  • What to do in Side?

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