Where to go with children in Side. Activities for Children in Side

Where to go with children in Side

Where to go with children in Side

Between Alanya and Antalya Resort Side stretches. It occupies part of the peninsula and is famous for ancient history.

The organization of family leisure

Side is perfect for families with children. The resort has family upscale hotels offering all kinds of services. For children animators work there, operating a mini-water parks and small pools. Travel agencies offer rich excursion programs for adults and children.

Earlier Side was an ancient settlement, therefore,the city and the surrounding area there are many interesting historical sites. The cities located in the vicinity (Antalya, Alanya, Belek), has a water park with various attractions.

From the famous natural attractionsGreen Canyon and Manavgat Waterfall. Green Canyon is a natural conservation area, stretching for 15 km. Canyon - is part of a gigantic reservoir, which is considered one of the largest in the country. It is possible to swim, but the water is quite cool. Tourists are offered walks on catamarans and boats. The lake fishing is permitted. On its shore there are wonderful places for a picnic. Picturesque landscapes have also near the Manavgat waterfalls, Kursunlu and Duden.

Side Attractions

In the city are ancient monumentsCulture, for example, alley columns and triumphal arch. In Side you can see the dilapidated amphitheater, ancient buildings and other structures. Up to the old part of the city, tourists get on the mini-bus or on foot. Near the sea is the dilapidated temple of Apollo.

Explore the fascinating historical sightsIt can be free, because they are under the open sky. In the city a lot of ancient buildings that are of interest to explore. Walking through its territory, tourists visit the theater, built in the period of antiquity. The Side is a museum of archaeological finds, which presents everyday objects of ancient peoples. On the seashore stretches the famous temple of Artemis, which in past centuries was considered the patroness of the city. We have survived only five marble columns of the temple.

Activities with children

Popular tourist class in Side - cyclingtours and rafting. Duration of bike ride may be different. With a child, you can go for a couple of hours to see the beautiful surroundings of the city. Guests are offered a jeep safari. This service allows you to appreciate the nature of the resort. A good partner can be arranged, if you use a boat, a yacht or a boat.


  • Where to go with children in Side
  • Where to go with children in Side
  • Where to go with children in Side

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