The best resorts in Turkey. The best resorts in Turkey for rest

The best resorts in Turkey

The best resorts in Turkey

Turkey has always attracted many touristsfrom around the world. Resorts countries attract not only a comfortable rest on the numerous beaches, but also the opportunity to touch the living history. The best resorts in Turkey offer a varied holiday for its guests. Let's walk through some.


Are very popular resortarea with stunning scenery, Antalya will meet you magnificent boulevards, surrounded by tall palm trees and ancient narrow streets that lead to the most secret places of the city.

The mild Mediterranean climate, makes the resorta pleasant place to relax all year round. Well-groomed parks, comfortable hotels with excellent service, excellent restaurants, where you can have a great time, and, of course, first-class Turkish shopping.

The hot rays of the sun and gentle waters of the Mediterranean Sea - indispensable attributes of a beach holiday in Antalya present in excess.


The city is located not far from Antalya, just42 kilometers. Kemer relatively recently became a success among tourists. Rest in Kemer - it is not just the beach and the warm sea, where you can walk through the many boutiques, to sit in cozy bars and restaurants, enjoying the local cuisine. And you can just take a walk on the pier, watching the moored yachts.

Kemer is a great place for families with children. The magnificence of the pine forests, the natural beauty of the mountain scenery and the refreshing sea breeze create a delightful relaxed atmosphere, making a holiday in Kemer unforgettable.

Kemer enjoy rest and young companies. Cheap hotels are located far away from the nightclubs and discos, which is very convenient night life lovers.

Not enough adrenaline? Well, you can do in Kemer and recreational activities. It offers windsurfing, swim with scuba diving or water skiing.


One of the "old" resorts in the world. There is even a beautiful legend that it is here that Mark Antony and Cleopatra bathed in the sea.

Despite the rapid development of the city as atourist center, here to this day retained a special atmosphere and authentic Turkish charm. In the city you can find the picturesque ruins of the temples and columns, once erected in honor of Apollo and Athena, as well as an amphitheater.

An alternative tranquility will be a trip on the Manavgat river, acquaintance with famous Turkish waterfalls or extreme canoeing on the rumbling mountain river.

Choosing Side for families with children, pay attention to the area of ​​Kumköy. There is a picturesque bay, a smooth entry into the sea and the shallow coastal waters. Kids really like it here.


Another great resort area. Where lovers stroll among the ruined temples. The resort is located close to the most interesting sights of the country: the Temple of Artemis, House of the Virgin Mary, Ephesus.

In Kusadasi you will find a great beach holiday andexciting nightlife, and besides, numerous sightseeing tours, yachting, water parks and beautiful jeep safari. All these entertainment will stay in this resort city unforgettable.

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  • The best resorts in Turkey
  • The best resorts in Turkey
  • The best resorts in Turkey

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