Turkey River - pictures, list description

Rivers of Turkey

Rivers of Turkey

The majority of Turkey's rivers are completely unsuitable for navigation, as the course of the flow has numerous rapids. Some of them are completely dry in summer.

the Euphrates River

The bed of the river passes through the territory of three countries- Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Euphrates - the largest artery of the whole of Western Asia. The total length of the river - 2700 km. The source of the river is located in the territory of the Armenian plateau of the mountains, where the confluence of two rivers: Kuras and Murat. Mouth - Gulf waters.

The maximum width of the riverbed - 500 meters ata depth of 10 meters. During the period of seasonal flood water level in the Euphrates can be raised by 4 meters higher than normal, leading to severe flooding of coastal areas.

The upper course of the river has a mountainous character,paving their way into a narrow gorge. Only after entering the Mesopotamian Plain transformed into a typical lowland river. The main tributaries of the Euphrates are Habur; Belih; Tokma; Goksu.

Araks River

Arax passes through the lands of four states -Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran. The total length of the channel - 1072 kilometers. The river unnavigable. Araks Water used solely for irrigation. The main tributaries: Acker; Sevjur; Hrazdan; lead; Karasu.

In its upper reaches riverbed runs along the bottomnarrow gorges and there Arax - a typical fast mountain river. After leaving the territory of Ararat valley river banks are omitted, and the Aras is divided into channels.

The source of the river is located at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level on the slopes of Bingöl. Overcoming his thousand kilometers Arax completes the path merges with the waters of the Kura.

Murat River

The river passes through the territory of the Armenian Plateau in Turkey and has a total length of 722 kilometers. Murat - one of the main tributaries of the Euphrates.

The source of the river is located in eastern Turkeynear Mount Ararat. The channel runs along the valley of the Armenian highlands. The river is characterized by significant variations in water level. Maximum rise recorded in April and May. At other times, the river is relatively shallow.

Murat navigable throughout. Some parts of the river in the winter can freeze.

Sakarya River

Sakarya completely passes through the territory of Turkey andIt has a length of 824 kilometers (according to some sources, the entire length of the river 790 kilometers). It is the second longest river of Turkey. Sakarya completely unnavigable. The main tributaries: Porsuk; Ankara.

Source, as well as the upper, it is locatedPhrygia territory - one of the historical regions of the country. The mouth of the river - the water of the Black Sea (area Bithynia). The main attraction of the river - the bridge Beshkёpryu, a length of 430 meters.


  • Rivers of Turkey
  • Rivers of Turkey
  • Rivers of Turkey

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