What to bring to Turkey. What kind of things and medicines to bring to Turkey

What to bring to Turkey

What to bring to Turkey

Each state has its own customs andethnic characteristics. In this article we will look at what to take to Turkey to rest was as comfortable as possible. First of all, it is necessary to assemble a set of required documents. Here they are:

  • passport valid for another 3 months after completion of travel;
  • airline tickets;
  • insurance policy (it gives the tour operator);
  • tourist voucher.

Sometimes, the tour operator shall issue tickets, vouchers and insurance before the departure at the airport.

What to put in the suitcase

Turkey is mainly influencedMediterranean subtropical climate. In summer it's hot, but warm enough in the winter. For example, in Antalya and Istanbul is not the temperature is below 5 degrees. In the summer season in Turkey is dominated by hot weather with high humidity. At this time to rest it is necessary to take only light clothing. If you are going to visit the country in October, then in the evening there is already cool. So put in a suitcase jacket or a warm jacket. In Turkey you can come and light. All necessary clothes can be purchased there. You will need supplies for swimming, lightweight clothing and a hat. In summer, warm clothes are not needed, as this time of year in Turkey warm day and night. Towels with a carry is not necessary, as the hotel provides tour personal care products, including shampoo and soap.

What medicines should be in the road first aid kit

Tourists must choose a minimum of drugsmeans only the most necessary. Many products can be purchased in Turkey. With a you can take the remedies for colds, insect bites, pain killers and anti-anxiety medications. Be sure to put in the medicine cabinet the funds that you regularly take.

Necessary things

To attend the tour with the comfort, do not forgetprepare comfortable shoes without a heel. For sea bathing can take special slippers. For tourists, it is desirable to use a waist bag, which he will carry the phone, documents and money. Going to Turkey, take the camera, battery, and batteries. In this country is quite expensive electronics. Because money is better to take the dollars that are considered universal currency. Previously couple of notes can be exchanged for smaller - they come in handy for tipping. Note that generally as a thank you for the service personnel leave 1 dollar.
Having prepared the suitcase, weigh it, to avoidexcess weight. Weight limit for different airlines differ. Usually allowed to carry hand luggage up to 10 kg, and luggage up to 30 kg. If there is the advantage, then you will have to pay. Do not take too many things. It is best to leave the place for gifts and souvenirs that you want to bring from Turkey.

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