Turkish wines - red, dry white. The best wines of Turkey

Wines of Turkey

Wines of Turkey

Like many countries of the Mediterranean region,Turkey is keen on wine production, and this love is more than one millennium. For eight centuries before the new era of the residents of modern Turkey produced wine, as wine tours fans tell archaeological finds. Many centuries ago, the Turkish wine and grapes were the main product that comes from here in different regions of the Old World.

Islam and the traditions of winemaking

The Muslim religion, professed corepart of the population of Turkey, does not welcome the use and manufacture of alcoholic beverages. This has resulted in the development of various methods of treatment of grapes during the Ottoman Empire. From fruit juices prepared and cooked jellies, prepared oriental sweets and dried fruits.
Won in the twentieth century, the new government headed byAtaturk lit green light to winemaking, and new masters began to remember the old secrets. And yet, despite the fourth place worldwide in terms of cultivated grapes, only a quarter of the fruit comes to winemaking needs. Ready wine Turkey are available in Europe and in the Western Hemisphere.

Regions and varieties

The most prolific region of Turkey, giving the greatestthe amount of fruit grapes - Aegean. the eponymous Sea Coast is the best place to an ideal for the cultivation of vines capricious climate. Considerable volumes are grown in Southeast and Central Anatolia and the Mediterranean coast.
For the production of wine in the country of Turkey is cultivated a lot of white and red grape varieties, the most popular among them:

  • Grape varieties Ahmad Bey. From it is prepared dry ordinary wine. Features of these drinks - affordable prices and assured quality.
  • Gewurztraminer - berry variety, allowing a blended white wine with a rich bouquet of aromas and spicy taste.
  • Riesling is ideal for the production of white winesTurkey with bright citrus notes and aftertaste of apple, pineapple and peach. With age, Turkish honey Riesling enhances color hue and is particularly delicious.
  • Possessing a generous lemon-scented Chardonnay, the wine from which insist in oak barrels to give it a special nutty flavor.
  • Merlot - Class, which occupies the second place in the worldprevalence. Despite the popularity of these benefits allow cooking wine with unique organoleptic properties. Turkish wines from grapes of Merlot have luxurious fruity flavor with hints of caramel, chocolate and even coffee.


  • Wines of Turkey
  • Wines of Turkey

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