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Traditional cuisine of Turkmenistan

Traditional cuisine of Turkmenistan

Power in Turkmenistan is characterized by the fact thatin the local cuisine is dominated by meat and fatty foods, which for the stomach, spoiled vegetables, can be quite severe. Turkmen dishes are hearty and they use relatively few spices and herbs (they do not "clog" the taste of the main course).

Food in Turkmenistan

Diet Turkmen consists of rice, meat(Lamb, camel, goat, poultry), fish, dairy products, cereals, vegetables, legumes, soups (pea, with beans and noodles, tomatoes, milk soup), cakes.

Turkmenistan should taste the risotto (itcooked lamb, fried rice and shredded yellow turnip); skewers of lamb (fed to it chopped onion and cheese); manti (large ravioli with meat, steamed); Shurpa (meat and vegetable soups); dograma (lamb in unleavened dough); chekdirme (roast lamb with tomatoes and potatoes); kokmach (air-cured and dried meat); garyn (withered sausage meat); gavurdak sturgeon (sturgeon shashlik).

And fans of sweet taste is halvah, cookies pishme, sherbet, baklava, Turkmen melons and watermelons, various cakes with sweet filling.

Where to eat in Turkmenistan? At your service:

  • cafes and eateries where you can order dishes of national cuisine;
  • cafes and international restaurants.

Drink in Turkmenistan

Popular drinks Turkmen - green tea, ayran, mare's milk, mineral water "Berzengi", beer, wine, vodka, brandy, champagne.

Of local alcoholic drinks worth trying cognac "President" vodka "Serdar" wine "YasmanSalyk", "Kopetdag", "Dashgala" (Turkmen wine and brandy advisable to purchase as a souvenir).

Gastronomic tour in Turkmenistan

Arriving in Turkmenistan, you willthe opportunity to try risotto, pilaf differs from that prepared in other Central Asian countries. Local pilaf prepared not only from rice, meat, carrots and onions, and a variety of dried and fresh fruit, thanks to which the dish takes on a spicy aroma and special taste. It is worth noting that only in Turkmenistan, you will be able to taste the risotto, not only on the basis of meat, but also fish.

The gastronomic tour in Ashgabat you canenjoy sturgeon and sturgeon in "Asuda cone", as well as to visit the institutions where you can be treated with dishes of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines.

Arriving in Turkmenistan - the heart of Central Asia, you can see the magnificent palaces and mosques, to buy the famous carpets, enjoy the most delicious pilaf and other national dishes.

Photos national dishes Turkmenistan

  • Traditional cuisine of Turkmenistan
  • Traditional cuisine of Turkmenistan
  • Traditional cuisine of Turkmenistan

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